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Innodisk Industrial Grade SSD

Innodisk Industrial Grade SSD

Innodisk SSDs bring a whole new level of high-performance to memory storage

Innodisk's wide selection of SSDs are designed for different applications, including industrial/embedded, enterprise server, aerospace, defense, and other semi-industrial applications, such as thin clients, POS, and kiosks.

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Diamond Point RD103

Diamond Point RD103

Rugged Customisable Industrial DIN Rail / Wall Mount PC

The RD-103 provides the user with a state of the art embedded DIN rail computer suitable for many different applications. Supporting a wide range of embedded processors, the RD-103 is available with a low cost 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 up to a dual core AMD G-Series APU at 1.6GHz for maximum performance but with very low power consumption

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Contec BX-220

Contec BX-220

Compact quad core 1.91GHz Atom Box PC with dual GBit LAN and DVI-D/DP graphics.

Contec's BX-220 is a fanless computer for embedded applications. It features an Intel Atom processor E3845 CPU. Thanks to this quad-core CPU, simultaneous stable high-speed processing for four applications is possible.

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Diamond Systems Aries PC/104+ Baytrail Atom SBC with data acquisition


Ext temp quad core 1.91GHz Atom PC/104+ SBC with dual GBit LAN and data acquisition.

Diamond Systems' Aries is a compact, rugged, single board computer featuring the Intel E3800 Bay Trail processor in an extended PC/104-Plus form factor along with a professional-quality DAQ circuit.

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MEN Mikro MH70I

MEN Mikro MH70I

Rugged 19" Modular Industrial PC, up to Intel i7 CPU, up to 16GB DRAM

The MH70I is a modular application-ready industrial PC which meets the requirements of any industrial environment, e.g., control stations for industrial automation or in-vehicle applications.

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Trimble ICM SMT 360

Trimble ICM SMT 360

Miniature Multi-GNSS Timing Module with Holdover, PPS, PP2S and 10MHz Outputs

Trimble® designed the ICM SMT 360™ Timing Module to work in the most demanding weak signal environments, including femtocells and in-building systems

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Kontron pITX-E38

Kontron pITX-E38

Industrial pico-ITX Motherboard with soldered Intel Atom E38xx SoC CPU (Bay Trail)

The pITX-E38 form factor is ideal for compact PC applications. Due to its small size (100 x 72mm) it's easily integrated into virtually any system with severe space constraints and/or thermal restrictions, where other form factor simply will not fit the requirements.

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New Products from Diamond Point

Congatec conga-SA5 - Low-Power Intel Atom SMARC Module

Congatec conga-SA5

congatec’s new conga-SA5 SMARC 2.0 modules come with the Intel® Atom™ processors x5 E3930, x5-E3940 and x7-E3950 for the extended temperature range -40° C to +85° C, or with the Intel® Celeron® N3350 or quad-core ...

Congatec conga-MA5 - Pico ITX 5th Gen Intel Atom Board

Congatec conga-PA5

The conga-PA5 is a Single Board Computer design based on the Pico-ITX specification. The conga-PA5 SBC features the Intel 5th generation Atom, Celeron and Pentium processors. With maximum 12 W TDP processors, the SBC offer...

Congatec conga-IoT 2 - Highly Flexible IoT Gateway

Congatec conga-IoT 2

Congatec's conga-IoT 2 is a highly flexible IOT gateway suitable for a wide range of applications. It features the conga-QA5 Qseven module which is based on the Intel Apollo Lake processor series and has either 4GB or 8GB ...

Congatec conga-IA5 - Industrial Intel Atom E39xx MiniITX

Congatec conga-IA5

congatec’s new conga-IA5 Thin Mini-ITX board is equipped with the particularly energy-saving Intel® Atom™ processors E3930, E3940 and E3950 for the industrial-grade extended temperature range of -40° C to +85° C, or...

Innodisk EGPL-G202 - Dual Gigabit Isolated Ethernet PCIe M.2 Module

Innodisk EGPL-G202

Innodisk's EGPL-G202 card is a rugged, isolated Gigabit Ethernet M.2 2242 module which is ideal for adding two extra Ethernet ports to any system with minimal increase in overall system size and power consumption. The modu...

Innodisk EGPL-G102 - Single Gigabit Isolated Ethernet PCIe M.2 Module

Innodisk EGPL-G102

Innodisk's EGPL-G102 card is a rugged, isolated Gigabit Ethernet M.2 2242 module which is ideal for adding an extra Ethernet port to any system with minimal increase in overall system size and power consumption. The module...

Innodisk EMPL-G2P2 - Dual Gigabit PoE Isolated Ethernet mPCIe

Innodisk EMPL-G2P2

Innodisk's EMPL-G2P2 card is a rugged, low-cost Gigabit PoE Ethernet Mini PCIe module which is ideal for adding two extra Ethernet ports to any system with minimal increase in overall system size and power consumption.


congatec conga-SEVAL - for Evaluating SMARC Modules

congatec conga-SEVAL

To achieve a quick start with SMARC, congatec offers an evaluation carrier board, the conga-SEVAL, which routes all the SMARC signals to standard interface connectors.


  • 1x PCIe x4 | 1x miniPCIe | 1x PCIe x1 | ...

Diamond Point RD-507VPX - Conduction Cooled 6U OpenVPX

Diamond Point RD-507VPX

The RD-507VPX™ provides the super high performance and storage capacity needed by today’s power users in a VPX conduction cooled environment.

Latest COM Express® technology built in to the RD-507VPX™ makes a grea...

Diamond Systems Zeta - COM-Based SBC Intel Atom E3800

Diamond Systems Zeta

The Zeta COM Express SBC family of ultra-small embedded computer boards combines a COM Express Mini CPU module mounted on a same-size carrier board to create a complete embedded PC. Designed in the COM Express Mini Type 10...

Congatec conga-X7/EVAL - COM Express® Type 7 Carrier

Congatec conga-X7/EVAL

The congatec conga-X7/EVAL evaluation carrier board for COM Express Type 7 server-on-modules features 4x 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ interfaces, which can be equipped with optical (XFP) or copper transceivers, as well as a Gi...

congatec conga-B7AC - COM Express® basic Type 7 Atom C3000

congatec conga-B7AC

The new conga-B7AC COM Express Type 7 Server-on-Modules are available with 8 different Intel Atom server processors, from the 16-core Intel® Atom™ C3958 processor to the quad-core C3508 for the extended temperature rang...

Other Diamond Point Websites

Diamond Point Online Shop

Online Shop

Diamond Point now have an online shop where you can purchase our more popular products (most available from stock) online. Next day delivery to the UK and express (1-3 days) for international.

Diamond Point Enterprise Website

Enterprise Storage Website

Diamond Point have a separate site where we showcase our enterprise storage & networking portfolio from vendors such as Chelsio, Falconstor, Fusion-io, Kontron Mangstor, Mellanox. Violin Memory & Vision Solutions.

Diamond Point Design Services Website

Design Services Website

Diamond Point have a separate site where we showcase our custom design work & services - including custom PCBs, enclosure design, cable fabrication and system testing.

Popular Products

Diamond Point RD103

Diamond Point RD103

The RD-103 provides the user with a state of the art embedded computer suitable for many different applications.

Trimble Copernicus II

Trimble Copernicus II

The Trimble Copernicus II GPS receiver delivers proven performance and Trimble quality for a new generation of position-enabled products.

Trimble Thingmagic RFID

Thingmagic RFID

Embedded and fixed UHF RFID (radio frequency identification) readers (both embedded and finished units) and antennas for use worldwide.

Innodisk SSD

Innodisk SSD

Industrial 2.5" SATA, 1.8" SATA, SATA DOMS, Server DOMs, mSATA, CFast, mSATA, Compact Flash, EDC, SD/microSD and USB embedded solid state products.

MEN Mikro BC50M Box Computer

MEN Mikro BC50M

Rugged AMD powered box PC for in-vehicle and/or railway applications - EN 50155 (railways) and ISO 7637-2 (E-mark for automotive) compliant

Diamond Systems Athena III PC/104

DSC Athena III

PC/104 SBC with fanless 1GHz Intel Atom. 1GB soldered DRAM, four serial ports and integrated data acquisition and -40° to +85°C operation.

b-plus DIMMBoard DX86

b-plus DIMMBoard DX86

600MHz DIMM-PC module, 256MB DRAM, up to 16GB storage (via MicroSD) - ideal DIMM-PC replacement.

Trimble Bullet III Rugged GPS Antenna

Trimble Bullet III

Waterproof, weatherproof GPS antenna, 3.3V or 5.0V variants, full 40° to +85°C operation, 35 dB gain and resists harsh FR jamming.

Connect Tech Xtreme/GPU

CTI Xtreme/GPU

High Performance PCIe/104 Graphics Module with Radeon E6760 or GeForce GT 745M GPU.

Kontron KTQM87/mITX

Kontron KTQM87/mITX

Industrial Mini-ITX Mainboard with Intel® QM87 Express Chipset and surface mount i3/i5/i7 CPU.

Tri-M HE104 PC/104 PSU

Tri-M HE104

60W Rugged PC104 power supply board with reverse polarity protection and full -40 to +85°C temperature operation.

Kontron COMe-bHL6 COM Express basic Type 6

Kontron COMe-bHL6

COM Express® basic Type 6 with 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5 CPUs and up to 16GB DDR3L DRAM

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We at Diamond Point International are always looking for high quality products to compliment our existing product ranges - please feel free to contact us with any business opportunities.

Further Information

  • About Diamond Point

    About Us

    Diamond Point International, part of an international group, has been established in the UK since 1983 and has been at the forefront of industrial computing technology, servicing a mix of OEMs and system integrators. Diamond Point is committed to the Open Systems philosophy and has maintained a portfolio of standards based products, both de facto and formally IEEE recognised.

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  • ISO9001 Approved

    ISO9001 Approved

    We want to satisfy us customers. Being cerfified to ISO 9001 standard means to guarantee that all of our processes, documentations and services are of a high standard.

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  • Achilles Linkup

    Achilles Linkup

    We are registered as a supplier on Achilles Link-up. This service allows buyers to get an accurate picture of suppliers - reducing your supply chain risks in a cost effective way.

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    We have JOSCAR Stage 1 Accreditation. JOSCAR is the new accreditation system for the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

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  • Cyber Essentials

    Cyber Essentials

    We are compliant with and have passed a 3rd party Cyber Essentials check. Cyber Essentials is a new Government-backed and industry supported scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats.

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