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Kontron AM4020 - AdvancedMC module based on 1st Generation Intel® Core™ CPU

Up to Dual Intel® Core™ 2.54GHz i7, up to 8GB soldered ECC DDR3 memory

Kontron AM4020 - AdvancedMC 1st Gen Intel Core i7 CPU
Key Features
AMC CPU Module, Single-module, Mid-size
Up to Dual-core 2.1 GHz Intel® Core™ i7
Up to 16 GByte DDR3 ECC memory
Up to 32 GByte SATA NAND
Up to 4x GbE Ethernet interfaces
Up to -40 to +70°C operating range


The AM4020 is a highly integrated CPU board implemented as a Single Mid-size or Full-size Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) for ATCA and MicroTCA applications. The design is based on the Intel® Core™ i7 processor platform combined with the mobile Intel® QM57 Express Chipset. The board supports the Intel® Core™ i7-610E and the Intel® Core™ i7-620LE processors in 32 nm technology with 64 kB L1 cache, 256 kB L2 cache and 4 MB L3 cache in a BGA package with frequencies ranging from 2.0 GHz up to 2.53 GHz. The processor and the memory are soldered on the AM4020 which results in higher Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and a signifi cant improvement in cooling.

The AM4020 includes up to 8 GB, dual-channel Double Data Rate (DDR3) memory with Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) running at 1066 MHz. The graphics and memory controller is integrated in the processor. One quad Gigabit Ethernet controller directly connected to the processor ensures maximum data throughput between processor and memory. The AM4020 can be equipped optionally with an up to 32 GB NAND Flash memory module which can be screwed on the AM4020.

Supporting the PICMG sub-specifi cations AMC.1/.2/.3 the AM4020 ensures a comprehensive set of interconnecting capabilities. The AM4020 is available with two front panel versions, one with a high-resolution DisplayPort and one with a COM port. Further interfaces include one USB 2.0 host interface and two Gigabit Ethernet ports to the front as well as a variety of high-speed interconnect topologies to the system, such as Dual Gigabit SerDes connection and Dual Serial ATA storage interface in the Common Options Region, two x4 or eight x1 PCI Express® in the Fat Pipes Region, and dual Serial ATA storage interface, a DisplayPort (on request), and a Debug port in the Extended Options Region.

The careful design and selection of high temperature resistant components together with the elaborated heat sink construction ensures a high product reliability. A front panel design according MicroTCA.1(on request) provides shock & vibration resistance in demanding environmental conditions.



CPU SpecFollowing Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processors – 1st Generation – code name “Nehalem” are supported:
• Intel® Core™ i7-610E (SV) processor with ECC, 2.53 GHz, 4 MB L3 cache
• Intel® Core™ i7-620LE (LV) processor with ECC, 2.0 GHz, 4 MB L3 cache
ChipsetMobile Intel® QM57 Express Chipset
MemoryDual channel DDR3 memory, up to 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM memory with ECC, running at 1066 MHz
GraphicsBuilt-in Intel 3D Graphics accelerator for enhanced graphics performance:
• Supports resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 pixels @ 60 Hz
• DisplayPort hot plug support
• Dynamic Video Memory Technology
If the AM4020 is populated with a COM port on the front panel, the VGA controller is disabled.
NetworkOne Intel® 82580EB Quad Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express® bus controller
• Two interfaces routed to front I/O connectors
• Two interfaces routed to the AMC connector
StorageUp to 32 GB SLC NAND Flash on a dedicated SATA NAND Flash module
SerialEXAR XR16L580IL single UART, 16550 compatible
Front I/OGigabit Ethernet: Two 1000BASE-TX on RJ45 connector
DisplayPort: One DisplayPort on standard 20-pin DisplayPort connector
USB One: USB 2.0 port on 5-pin, type A Mini-USB connector
Serial Port: One RS232 UART interface on 10-pin mini connector
LEDs: Three Module Management LEDs, Four User-Specifi c LEDs, Ethernet LEDs
CommonInfineon SLB9635TT TPM 1.2 controller (on request)
Watchdog: FPGA-based, software-confi gurable, two-stage Watchdog with programmable timeout ranging from 125ms to 4096s in 16 steps
Two redundant 8 MB SPI Flash chips (2 x 8 MB) for uEFI BIOS controlled by the MMC


ExpansionPICMG MTCA.0 Micro Telecommunications Comp. Architecture R1.0
PCI Express®: PCI Express® Base Specification Revision 1.0a
PICMG AMC.0: Advanced Mezzanine Card Specification R2.0
PICMG AMC.1: PCI Express® and Advanced Switching R1.0
PICMG AMC.2: Gigabit Ethernet R1.0
PICMG AMC.3: Storage Interfaces R1.0
Electrical12 V payload power, 3.3 V management power
MechanicalDimensions without retention screws on front panel:
• Mid-size: 181.5 x 73.5 x 18.96 mm
• Full-size: 181.5 x 73.5 x 28.95 mm
SoftwareLinux: Generic BSP to be used with various Linux derivates; Verified for RedHat 5.3 and SUSE 11.2 (kernel 2.6.2x)
Windows: Windows XP, Windows7
WindRiver Linux: PNE 3.x
TemperatureTemperature range (operation, standard): -5 to +55°C
Temperature range (operation, extended): -40 to +70°C
Temperature range (storage and rransit): -40 to +70°C
Passive module heat sink, forced system airflow
HumidityOperational: 5%-90% (non-condensing)
Non-Operating: 5%-95% (non-condensing)
WeightMid-size with heat sink and without SATA Flash module: 247 grams
Full-size with heat sink and without SATA Flash module: 310 grams
VibrationIEC60068-2-6 / IEC60068-2-27
ShockIEC60068-2-6 / IEC60068-2-27
MTBF205712 h acc. Bellcore Issue 6, Ground Benign, Controlled, 30°C
Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

Intel® Core™ i7-620LE LV 2.0 GHz, Dual Core, 2 GB soldered SDRAM DDR3 1066GHz with ECC, mid-size, COM-port

Intel® Core™ i7-620LE LV 2.0 GHz, Dual Core, 2 GB soldered SDRAM DDR3 1066GHz with ECC, mid-size, DisplayPort

Intel® Core™ i7-610E SV 2.53 GHz, Dual Core, 4 GB soldered SDRAM DDR3 1066GHz with ECC, full-size, COM-port
AccessoriesFLASH-SATA-16GB-AM4020 16 GByte NAND-Flash SATA module
FLASH-SATA-32GB-AM4020 32 GByte NAND-Flash SATA module

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