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Kontron AM4150 - AdvancedMC Module Based on Freescale™ QorIQ P5020

Up to Dual Core 2.2GHz Processor, up to 8GB ECC DRAM, up to 32GB SSD

Kontron AM4150 - AdvancedMC Freescale QorIQ P5020
Key Features
AMC CPU Module, Single-module, Mid-size
Dual-core 2.0 GHz QorIQ™ 5020
4GB or 8GB DDR3 RAM with ECC
1GB flash, up to 64GB SATA SSD & microSD
Up to 2x GbE Ethernet interfaces
-5 to +55°C operating (ext option)


The Kontron AdvancedMC™ processor module AM4150 incorporates the high-performance Freescale™ QorIQ P5020 dual core processor with cores based on the e5500 Power Architecture®. With high-speed frame managers and multiple high-speed connections like Serial Rapid IO (1.3/2.1) and PCI Express, the Kontron AM4150 meets highest processing requirements. To support maximum throughput and low latency, the Kontron AM4150 provides a fast dual-channel memory of up to 8 GB ECC DDR3 RAM.

The AM4150 provides flexible configuration of high-speed fabrics. On AMC ports 4-7, 4xSERDES lines can be configured either as PCI Express (root complex or end point) or Serial Rapid IO (host or agent). AMC ports 8-11may be configured either for Serial Rapid IO or PCI Express or up to 3x GbE. In addition, the Kontron AM4150 supports three Gigabit Ethernet channels. Either 2x GbE on AMC ports 0,1 plus 1x GbE at the front or 2xGbE at the front and port 0 on the backplane.



CPU SpecFreescale P5020/64bit @2.0GHz (2.2GHz depending on availability from Freescale)
Memory2x 2GB and 2x 4GB RAM with ECC standard
2x 2MB SPI NOR (for Bootloader, fallback confi guration)
1x 8MB NOR (for VxWorks)
NetworkPort 0: 1xGbE
Port 1: 1xGbE (routable to front plate, software selectable, default: port 1)
Storage1GB NAND Flash standard or not assembled, up to 2GB on project request
MicroSD card socket
Up to 64 GB SLC NAND Flash on a dedicated SATA NAND Flash module
SerialPort15: COM2, 3.3V TTL
Front I/O1x GbE
1x GbE (routable to Port 1, software selectable, default port 1)
COM1, RS232
4x LEDs: control and status, bi-color (red/green LEDs)
3x LEDs: connected to MMC (healthy, hot swap, out of service)
OtherPorts 4-7: sRIO x4 or PCIe x4
Ports 8-11: SRIO x4 or PCIe x4 or max. 3xSGMII(1GbE)
Port 14: Debug
FCLKA: bidirectional PCIe clock configuration

Watchdog, timeout 125ms to 4096s in 16 steps
RTC (not buffered)


ExpansionPICMG MTCA.0 Micro Telecommunications Comp. Architecture R1.0
PCI Express Base Specification Revision 2.0
RapidIO Interconnect Specifi cation, Revision 2.1
PICMG AMC.0: Advanced Mezzanine Card Specifi cation R2.0
PICMG AMC.1: PCI Express and Advanced Switching R1.0
PICMG AMC.2: Gigabit Ethernet R1.0
PICMG AMC.4: Serial Rapid IO (1.3 and 2.1)
ElectricalPower supply: 3.3V management power, 12V payload power
MechanicalSingle width, mid-size module (full size on project request)
181.5 x 73.5 mm
VxWorks BSP
WindRiver Linux BSP
TemperatureTemperature range (operation, standard): -5 to +55°C
Acc. IEC60068-2-1/2
Humidity93% RH at 40°C, non condensing
Acc. IEC60068-2-78
Vibration5Hz to 150Hz, 1g
Acc. to IEC 60068-2-6
Shock15g / 11ms
Acc. to IEC 60068-2-27
Safety/CertificationIEC 60950-1
EMCImmunity: acc. to EN 55024 and 61000-6-2
Emission: acc. to EN 55022, class B and FCC47, part 15, subpart B
Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

P5020 64bit 2.0GHz dual core, 8GB RAM with ECC, 1GB NAND Flash

P5020 64bit 2.0GHz dual core, 4GB RAM with ECC, 1GB NAND Flash
AccessoriesVXW-BSP-AM4150-6.9.2 WindRiver VxWorks BSP

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