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Kontron AM4150 - 10-Core Packet Processor AdvancedMC Module

Designed for 4G, LTE, WiMAX Network Applications

Kontron AM4150 - 10-Core Packet Processor AdvancedMC
Key Features
AMC I/O Module, Single-module, Mid-size
Cavium OCTEON® II 10 core CPU
For 4G LTE, WiMAX and security applications
MicroTCA: eNodeB and LTE network component
ATCA blade/platform: Co-processor NIC
-5 to +55°C operating


Platform design considerations for the Kontron AMC module AM4211 include using it as an eNodeB and LTE network element component or, in combination with full-scale ATCA® blades, as a co-processor Network Interface Card (NIC).

The key differentiators of the Kontron AM4211 with the Cavium CN6645 processor is the support of SRIO, which is in addition to PCI-e Gen 2 and XAUI. It also features a set of advanced hardware acceleration capabilities that include: 10Gbps+ for security, TCP packet processing and QoS; 4Gbps for 3rd generation DPI; 10Gbps+ for compression; 80Gbps+ for RAID/XOR/DeDup; and a schedule/synch/ordering engine for unlimited flows.

The CN6645 is footprint- and software-compatible with the CN63XX Series, thus providing a seamless upgrade path to provide 2x performance.

The AM4211 incorporates SGMII with IEEE 1588 timestamp for Ethernet time synchronisation and is ideal for all-IP network infrastructure synchronisation implementations in the 4G network.

With support for GbE on Ports 0 and 1 connected to the CN6645 processor for control plane functions, The AM4211 is a compatible evolution from the existing Kontron AM4204, AM4210 and AM4220 Cavium-based packet processor modules.

This makes the AM4211 is an ideal candidate for the Kontron MicroTCA™ 1U platform OM6061 for eNodeB and base station systems.

The module can be scaled across both MicroTCA™ (Picostation, Microstation to Macrostation) and 14-slot AdvancedTCA® platforms.

Telecom equipment manufacturer (TEMs) will enjoy an undisputable advantage with its unmatched deterministic, low latency 3rd generation DPI performance capabilities with unlimited rules and a rich feature-set on a single chip that includes integrated security for a broad range of applications at the Core, Edge and Access network elements.

This next generation packet processor module delivers seamless, compatible evolution and can meet numerous market requirements when designing high-performance 4G network elements, including – increased data plane performance with twice the performance per watt over existing alternatives; high-density computing (9 GHz) within a stringent thermal budget (< 40W on 12VDC) making it an ideal candidate for an AMC system component. It is interoperable with third-party AMCs based on DSP and FPGA.

With direct connectivity to FPGA/DSP AMCs in a MicroTCA™ platform, it is a complete solution for MAC processing and L3-L7 processing on single chip, achieving a high throughput of up to 15M packets per second (pps).

Inquire about the Kontron AM4211 Software Development Kit and additional optional software modules such as an IPv4/IPv6 stack, IPSec, QoS management, multicast forwarding, IP filtering, VLAN, L2 tunnelling and application programming frameworks.



• IPMI 2.0 compliant
• Voltage and Temperature Sensors
• ATCA LED control
• FRU data storage for AMC
• Firmware Update handling for fi eld upgrades, rollbacks and watchdog functions
Interface(s)Front: 1 SFP+ cage to support multi-rate fi ber SFP+ modules
Front: HIROSE for RS232 access to processor
AMC TCLKA and TCLKC support
AMC FCLKA input with 100Mhz
AMC Port 0 and Port 1: 1000Base-BX
AMC Ports: port 4-7 as PCIe x4 or SRIO and port 8-11 as PCIe x4, XAUI or 4x SGMII.
AMC Port 15: RS232 (proprietary mapping)
• 10-Core Cavium OCTEON II CN6645 MIPS64 processor at 1.1 GHz or
• 6-Core Cavium OCTEON II CN6335 MIPS64 processor at 1.3 GHz
• 1 to 8 Gigabyte DDR3 Memory support with ECC
• Up to 1333 MHz ECC SO-DIMM
Flash Memory
• 1Gb NOR Flash
• Boot sector protection
eUSB Storage
• Single Port USB 2.0 interface (Optional)


ExpansionThis board is compatible to the following standards:
AMC.0 R2.0 Advance Mezzanine Card Base Specifi cation
AMC.1 R2.0 PCI Express and Advance Switching
AMC.2 R1.0 Ethernet Specifi cation
AMC.4 R1.0 Serial RapidIO Specifi cation
MTCA.0 R1.0 Micro Telecommunication Computing Architecture Base Specifi cation
IPMI v2.0.
RoHS compliant
ElectricalManagement: 3.3V +/-0.3V
Payload: 10VDC to 14VDC
Management: 0.495 Wmax.
Payload: 40 W max.
Mechanical4HP single Mid-size AMC Module (Full size on demand)
Board is compliant with AMC.0 R2.0
TemperatureTemperature range (operation, standard): -5 to +55°C ambient air temperature with forced convection
Operating @ 8.0 CFM: up to 25°C
Operating @ 11.4 CFM 26 to 40°C
Operating @ 18.0 CFM 41 to 55°C
Non-Operating: -40 to 85°C
HumidityDesigned to meet Bellcore GR63, Section 4.1
Operating: 5%-93% (non-condensing) at 40°C
Non-Operating: 5%-93% (non-condensing) at 4°C
AltitudeDesigned to meet the following requirements according to Belcore GR-63, section 4.1.3:
Operating: -300 m to 4,000 m (13123 ft) (GR63 4.1.3), may require additional cooling above 1800m (5905ft)
Non-Operating: -300 m to 14,000 m (45931.2 ft)
VibrationDesigned to meet EN 300 019 and Telcore GR-63
Designed to meet NEBS Level 3, Earthquake Zone 4
ShockDesigned to meet EN 300 019 and Telcore GR-63
Designed to meet NEBS Level 3, Earthquake Zone 4
Safety/CertificationLow Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
Complies with IEC/EN/CSA/ UL 60950-1.
The board meets fl ammability requirements, as specifi ed in Telcordia GR-63-CORE
EMCMeets or exceeds the following specifi cations (assuming an adequate chassis):
EMC Directive (Europe) 2004/10B/EC
EN55022 (Europe); EN55024 (Europe); CISPR22; VCCI (Voluntary Japan Electromagnetic Compatibility requirement)
EN 300 386, Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements for Public Telecommunication Network Equipment;
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements
FCC 47 CFR Part 15, (USA)
Telcordia GR-1089
Warranty2 Years

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