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Kontron OM6060 - MicroTCA 6 Slot Compact System for Industrial Applications

Compact System for up to 6 AMCs incl. AC Power and fans


The OM6060 is a compact AMC platform targeted as entry level solution for prototypes in test equipment, packet processing and industrial applications. It can accommodate up to 6 mid-size AMCs and one MCH (full-size). An AC power supply is located in the rear. The OM6060 supports multiple CPUs with I/O-boards over PCIExpress (PCIe) without need of an extra PCIe fabric switch. PCIe fabric clocks are generated on the OM6060 backplane. Without need of Ethernet connectivity, the OM6060 provides MicroTCA management for AMCs over an MCMC-module (AM2901) on the backplane. This way, overhead and costs are reduced to a minimum.

The OM6060 also provides Ethernet connectivity to all AMCs. In such confi gurations an Ethernet switch is located on the MCH. Depending on the level of Ethernet features required Kontron offers a low-cost unmanaged MCH (AM4901), or a fully featured MCH with carrier grade switching and management features (AM4904).

For packet processing applications, the OM6060 provides extra direct Ethernet links from AMC slot 1 to four adjacent AMC slots, which can be used by a packet processor on AMC, such as the AM4204 or AM4210. This way 10GbE fabrics and switches are not required.

Alternatively, the OM6060 can be used with high-speed SRIO links in point to-point configurations between adjacent AMCs. The AMC bays are fully compliant with the AMC standards and the MicroTCA standard, so any standard compliant AMC may be used. The OM6060 represents an entry level environment for the development of customer I/O boards on AMC. To support such developments, it can be combined with an AMC starter kit, which is available on request. The OM6060 backplane has been designed to support a wide range of applications. Customer specific backplanes are available on request.


Enclosure Specifications

GeneralChassis incl. AC Power & Fans, MCMC management module, 6 AMC slots
1 Full-Size MCH slot on front
6 Mid-size AMC slots on front
CapacityOM6060-250W (AM2901) Options:
• Processor: AMCs AM4010 Intel Core2 Duo with WindRiver Linux installed, AM4100 Freescale Dual Core PowerPC M8641D with VxWorks installed.
• Operating System: Windows, Linux (Red Hat, WindRiver), VxWorks
• I/O AMCs: Storage Boards (over SATA), I/O boards (over PCIe or SRIO)

OM6060-250W (AM4901) Options:
• Processor: AMCs Intel® Core™ i7 based AMCs such as AM4020, AM4022; Freescale™ QorIQ based AMCs such as AM4120, AM4140
• I/O AMCs: Storage Boards (over SATA), I/O boards (over PCIe or SRIO), DSP and I/O boards for telecommunications (over GbE)
PSUAC Power on rear (100 VAC to 240VAC)
250 Watts power supply
Cooling2 axial fans below AMC tray


ExpansionMicroTCA compliant AMCs
MicroTCA compliant MCH
System Management: IPMI 1.5 on MCMC or MCH
Providing backplane infrastructure for AMC.1 PCIe, AMC.2 10/1 GbE, AMC.3 Storage, AMC.4 sRIO
No MicroTCA Power Modules and Cooling Units
Mechanical150 mm height (3U incl mounting brackets)
157 mm width, 259 mm depth
TemperatureOperating: 0 to +55°C
Non-operating: -40 to +70°C
Humidity93% RH at 40°C, non-condensing
Weight2.7 kg OM6060 with fans and power supply unit but without MCH
2.8 kg as above, plus AM4901 MCH
EMCEN55022 (CISPR22)
Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

AM2901 - 6-Slot MicroTCA System + AM2901 MCMC management module

AM4901 - 6-Slot MicroTCA System + AM4901 cost-optimized MCH with unmanaged GbE switch