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Kontron OM6063 - 1U Compact 19" MicroTCA System with AC PSU

6 Mid-Size Single AMC Slots + Full Size MCH Slot in Only 1U

Kontron OM6063 - 1U 19
Key Features
1U 19" MicroTCA System
Optimized size and power
6 mid-size single AMC slots + full size MCH slot
Power Management & Cooling on Backplane EMMC
-5 to +45°C operating


The OM6063 is a flat and compact 1U system concept with AC PSU for high-end processor modules and switches beyond 1Gbit/s and positions MicroTCA at 10 Gbits/s.

This allows in just a 1U form factor the accommodation of 6 state-of-the art multi core CPUs such as Intel® Core™ i7 on Kontron's AM4022, Freescale™ QorIQ on Kontron's AM4140, as well as Kontron's 1Gbit switch AM4901 or 10Gbit switch AM4910.

Designed for compute-intensive applications, the modular platform is dedicated for applications in the communications area. Typical applications are: VoIP, Network Security, IP-PBX, Enterprise Routers and Switches, Application Servers, Media Gateway, Mesh Networks, and WiMAX


Enclosure Specifications

GeneralIPMI: Radial IPMI-L from the MCH slot to all AMC slots IPMB-O between MCH, the PM and the CU: Bused IPMB-A and IPMB-B confi guration
CapacitySlots: Backplane for 1 full-size single and 6 midsize single modules full-size slot MCH mid-size slots 1-6 AMCs

System interconnect
• AMC port 0, 1: GbE dual star topology
• AMC port 2, 3: SATA as point-to-point interconnect (see fi gure)
• AMC ports 4–7: x4 lanes as point-to-point interconnect between adjacent slots
• AMC ports 8–11: MCH fabric [D...G] star topology, x4 lanes
Mechanical400W open frame AC power supply with 90-240VAC input and 12 VDC output power management (switching, 3V3 generation) integrated on backplane
CoolingFront pluggable Cooling Unit with four fans for cooling the AMCs and one fan for cooling the power supply Fan controller board communicating with the MCH over IPMB-O


MechanicalH x W x D 43.6mm x 482.6mm x 301.0mm
TemperatureOperating: -5 to +45°C (to +55°C short term)
Non-operating: -40 to +70°C
Weight100 grams
VibrationAccording to MicroTCA.0
ShockAccording to MicroTCA.0
MTBF799,923 h acc. Bellcore Issue 6, Ground Benign, Controlled, 30 C
EMCEN55022, EN61000-6-3
EN55024, EN61000-6-2
Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

6 slot 1U MicroTCA system with MCH AM4901, unmanaged GbE switch, 400W AC PSU