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Diamond Point Centurion PC

Compact Chassis For Little Board Sized SBC

Power Supply & IDE Disk Inside

Diamond Point Centurion PC
  • Compact DIMM-PC chassis
  • Takes little board sized SBC
  • All standard connectors present
  • Mains input


Centurion rear viewThe Centurion PC was designed for the a customer requiring Pentium class performance in a rugged box drawing automobile voltage. The chassis was based on the Challenger PC. The system contained a high specification littleboard VNS-686 (now end of life), laptop hard disk, PC/104 based DC to DC converter HE-104 and some custom PCB's.

The main differences were the increase in chassis height which was required to incorporate a PC/104 based DC-DC converter which allowed the chassis to be operated in a military vehicle and two additional PC/104 cards (for future expansion). The dimensions of the chassis are 240mm * 260mm * 108mm. A wealth of I/O was brought out at the rear including 4 serial ports, vga, composite video, floppy, ps/2 keyboard, ps/2 mouse, 100 Base-T Ethernet and matrix keyboard interface.

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