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Contec DMM-552-PCI - 5 1/2 Digit 2ch Digital Multimeter Board for PCI

2 18-Bit Analog Inputs, 8 Digital I/O Channels


Contec's DMM-552-PCI is a digital multi-meter board for PCI bus, which has 5 and a 1/2 digits high precision and has 2 channel simultaneous measurement function. It possesses five measurement functions that are direct current voltage / current measurement, alternating current voltage / current measurement, resistance measurement.

Collect data from personal computer directly, which contribute to largely shortening of tact time, miniaturization of examination device, cost reduction. The maximum conversion speed is 1500SPS, so it is possible to continuously sampling by 2 channels at the same time. The precision, integral time, sampling interval can be set by software. The digital multi-meter of bench top type attaches to the application software.

The board has a full driver library (API-DMM), which supports Visual C# .Net, Visual Basic .Net, Visual C++. Also, the product supports no-programing data collection with a LabVIEW plug.


  • Miniaturization of examination device / Cost reduction: The function of high precision digital multi-meter is realized by the expansion board of personal computer. Examination devices can be gathered into one personal computer, measurement instruments and expansion boards for communication are not necessary.
  • Largely shortening of tact time because directly controlled by personal computer: Compare with the system which use a measurement instrument and a personal computer, the transmission time from measurement instrument to personal computer and the communication processing are reduced. Directly collect from personal computer can be judged immediately, so the tack time for examining is largely shortened.
  • 5 1/2 digits high precision, 2 channel simultaneous measurement function: 24bit ?? Model A/D Converter is used, it is possible to measure (direct current voltage / current, alternating current voltage / current, resistance (only channel 1)) by maximum 5 1/2 digits. It is insulated between 2 channels. Therefore, even if there is a potential difference between channels, it is possible to measure simultaneously for 2 channels. And, continuously sampling can be realized with the maximum conversion speed that is 1500SPS *2 channels.
  • [Front Panel Software] is used as a digital multi-meter: The digital multi-meter of bench top type attaches to the application software [Front Panel Software], which can be used as a Voltage/Current/Resistance measurement instrument. And, this application has the function of diagnosing and reporting the state of the board and device driver, so it can be used for make sure of the set up execution environment.
  • The Synchronization Control Connector for Synchronization Movement: In order to synchronization control maximum 16 boards, this board has a synchronization control connector. Therefore channels can be easily added only by adding boards. And, this board can work together with the others expansion board of our company which has a synchronization control connector. Such as analog I/O board, digital I/O board, counter board etc. Advanced real-time control can be performed without software.
  • Select a Input Impedance from 10M? or more than 10G?: In the case of direct current voltage, range is 10V or 1V or 100mV, the input impedance can be selected from 10M? or more than 10G?. If you want to reduce the noise influence, select 10M?. If you want to reduce the influence of signal source's output impedance, select more than 10G?. Therefore, the measurement can be performed according to the measurement environment.
  • Software Trigger, Analog Edge Trigger, Hysteresis, Window Trigger, Digital Edge Trigger, Sampling Start / Stop condition of Event Control Output etc.
  • Windows compatible driver library API-PAC(W32) cTEST is attached.


Analog Inputs

Number Of Outputs2 Single-Ended Inputs
Resolution5 1/2 digits (When integration time 100ms is set) About 18bits equivalent
RangeDC voltage: 300V, 100V, 10V, 1V, 100mV
AC voltage: 300V, 30V, 3V, 300mV
Max Sample Rate1500SPS [0.67ms]
Maximum Input VoltageDC voltage: ±350V peak no break for all ranges
AC voltage: 310Vrms, 450V peak no break for all ranges
Input ImpedanceDC voltage:
• <10V, 1V, 100mV range: > 10M?±2% or >10G?(selectable)
• <300V, 100V range: > 10M?±2%(fixed)
AC voltage: 10M?±2% // < 150pF
OtherDC current range: 3A, 1A, 100mA, 10mA
AC current range: 3A, 300mA, 30mA

Digital I/O/Counter/Timers

I/OsNumber of input channels: Un-Isolated input 4ch (LVTTL level, positive logic)
Number of output channels: Un-Isolated input 4ch (open-collector output, negative logic)
Outputs30VDC, 40mA (per channel) (Max.)


Expansion32-bit, 33MHz, Universal key shapes supported (5V card only)
Electrical5VDC, 700mA (Max.)
MechanicalConnector: BNC connector
Board dimensions: 176.41(L) x 105.68(H) mm
SoftwareWindows: Win32 API
Data acquisition VI library for LabVIEW (VI-DAQ)
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 to +50°C
Humidity10 - 90%RH (No condensation)
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

BoardDMM-552-PCI 5 1/2 Digit 2ch Digital Multimeter Board for PCI
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