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Contec DI-32T-PE - Unisolated Digital Input Module for PCI Express

32 Channels of Unisolated TTL Level Digital Inputs


Contec's DI-32T-PE is a PCI Express bus-compliant interface board used to provide a digital input function on a PC. It features 32 unisolated TTL level inputs. You can use all input signals as interrupt inputs. In addition, the digital filter function to prevent wrong recognition of input signals is provided. Windows/Linux driver is bundled with this product. LabVIEW is supported with a plug-in of dedicated libraries.

  • DI-32T-PE has 32 channels of unisolated TTL level input whose response speed is 200nsec.
  • You can use all of the input signals as interrupt request signals and also disable or enable the interrupt in bit units and select the edge of the input signals, at which to generate an interrupt.
  • This product has a digital filter to prevent wrong recognition of input signals from carrying noise or a chattering. All input terminals can be added a digital filter, and the setting can be performed by software.
  • Using the attached driver library API-PAC(W32) makes it possible to create applications of Window/Linux. In addition, a diagnostic program by which the operations of hardware can be checked is provided.
  • The functions same with PCI compatible board DI-32T2-PCI are provided. In addition, as there is compatibility in terms of connector shape and pin assignments, it is easy to migrate from the existing system.


Digital I/O/Counter/Timers

I/Os32 input channels (all available for interrupts, 1 common channel)
InputsType: Negative logic
Input resistance: Pull up 10kOhm (1TTL load)
Interrupt: 32 interrupt input signals are arranged into a single output of interrupt signal INTA
Response time: Within 200 nanoseconds
Connectors(s)Connector: 37 pin D-SUB connector [F (female) type] DCLC-J37SAF-20L9E [mfd. by JAE] equivalent to it
OtherAllowable distance of signal extension: Approx. 1.5m (depending on wiring environment)
I/O address: Any 32-byte boundary
Interruption level: 1 level use
Max. board count for connection: 16 boards including the master board


ExpansionPCI Express Base Specification Rev. 1.0a x1
ElectricalPower consumption: 3.3VDC 300mA
External supply capable current (Max.): 5VDC 350mA
MechanicalConnector: 37 pin D-SUB connector [F (female) type] DCLC-J37SAF-20L9E [mfd. by JAE] equivalent to it
Size: 121.69(L) x 110.18(H)
SoftwareWindows: Win32 API (Visual C# .Net, Visual Basic .Net, Visual C++ .Net examples), 32 or 64 bit architecture
OS Support:
• Windows 2000 (32 bit only)
• Windows XP, Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8, 8.1 (all 32 and 64 bit)
Data acquisition VI library for LabVIEW (VI-DAQ)
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 to +50°C
Humidity10 - 90%RH (No condensation)
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

DI-32T-PE Digital Input Board
AccessoriesCN5-D37M 37pin D-SUB (Female) Connector Five-piece Set
EPD-37 Screw Terminal (M3.5 x 37)
EPD-37A Screw Terminal (M3 x 37)
PCA37P-1.5 37pin D-type(M) to Open-Ended, Flat Cable(1.5m)
PCA37PS-0.5P A one end connector shield cable for 37 pin D-SUB connectors with(Mold type, 0.5m)
PCA37PS-1.5P A one end connector shield cable for 37 pin D-SUB connectors with(Mold type, 1.5m)
PCB37P-1.5 37pin D-type(M) at Each End, Flat Cable(1.5m)
PCB37PS-0.5P 37pin D-type(M) at Each End, Shield Cable(0.5m) Low Cost
PCB37PS-1.5P 37pin D-type(M) at Each End, Shield Cable(1.5m) Low Cost