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Tri-M Super-Radiator - Indoor GPS Re-Radiator

5 to 10 Metre Range, External Screw Mount, Internal Suction Mount, AC Power


The Super-Radiator GPS re-radiator system is a complete external hard mount high gain GPS antenna and passive Helix type indoor GPS re-radiating antenna. Simply affix the permanent screw mount GPS antenna outside, attach the smaller GPS re-radiating antenna indoors with either screw mount or use the included suction cups and plug it into the included 40 meter signal cable. The included reverse protected regulator AC adapter powers both units. GPS signals can now be received 5 to 10 meters from the re-radiating antenna - This allows GPS devices to be used inside virtually any enclosed area.

The Super-Radiator is most commonly used in laboratories and in underground garages or other buildings requiring a GPS signal indoors. A common application is in firehalls where the Super-Radiator supplies a GPS signal to the fire trucks while they are in the garage, reducing response time when the trucks are needed


  • GPS Re-Radiating distance is 5 to 10 metres
  • One external antenna for different handheld GPS receivers
  • Independent Power Source
  • Re-transmits GPS signals to an otherwise unreachable location
  • External antenna: permanent screw mount
  • Internal re-radiator: screw mount or suction cups



FeaturesExternal Antenna Specifications
• TA: 25°C
• Frequency: L1 band 1.575GHz
• Bandwidth: 50MHz
• Amp Gain: 28dB
• Noise Figure: 1.3dB
• Output SWR: 2.0:1
• DC Input: 4.5V to 5.5V DC

Re-Radiating Antenna Specifications
• TA: 25°C
• Frequency: L1 Band 1.575GHz
• Bandwidth: 20MHz
• Impedance: 50ohm
• Gain: 30dB
• Noise Figure: 2.0dB
• Output SWR: 1.6:1
• Element: Helix type
• Polarization: RHCP
• RF Out - at
• 1dB Gain Compression: -2.0dBm
• DC Input: 6V to 30V DC
ConnectionsGPS Re-Radiating distance is 5 to 10 metres


Warranty1 Year

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