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Contec CPS-PC341MB-ADSC1-9201 - CODESYS Modbus Master

Built-in high-performance firmware, cloud-compatible remote I / O unit


Contec's CPS-PC341MB-ADSC1-9201 is a Modbus Master controller with isolated RS-422/485, isolated digital input/output, isolated counter input, inter-channel isolated analog input, RS232C, and LAN interface. This product contains the CODESYS Soft PLC. You can create your own PLC program and run with the CODESYS software. CODESYS is a device-independent PLC-programming system that is compiled with the IEC 61131-3 standard and supports all standard programming languages such as ST or LD. 

  • This product features the CODESYS Soft PLC. CODESYS is a device-independent-PLC-programming system that is compiled with the IEC 61131-3 standard and supports all standard programming languages such as ST or LD.
  • Modbus is a communication protocol widely used in the industry. It can collect data and control the device for Modbus TCP Slave-compliant.
  • OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is an advanced model of OPC specifications, which presents refined capability of transmitting and receiving semantic description data. OPC-UA is a platform independent standard based on TCP.
  • Compact design of 188.0(W) x 78.0(D) x 30.5(H), features flexibility in installation.
  • The product is capable of operating in the temperature between -20 to + 60°C. It can be installed in various environments.
  • Electrical isolation between the RS-422A/485 and the CPU, as well as between the digital/counter input and CPU can block up the electrical noise flow. Moreover, the surge protection elements are used for signal line and on top of that, the RS-422A/485 is protected with the communication IC that can withstand ±70 V input voltage, which reduces malfunctions or damage by surges.
  • As analog inputs and channel, along with analog inputs and CPU, are electrically isolated, connecting an input signal with electric potential difference is possible. In addition, the surge protection elements are used for signal lines, which reduces malfunctions or damage by surges.
  • With a choice of a long-life battery, we are creating longer lasting products.



CPU SpecARM Cortex-A8 600MHz
MemoryOn Board 512MB DDR3 SDRAM
Dual RJ-45 interfaces
Realised as a dual port hub, so can be daisy chained
StorageOn-Board 32MB NOR Flash for OS
SD Card slot
USB1 USB interface (USB 2.0)
• Channels: 1 Channel
• Isolation: Non-isolated
• Transmission speed: 110 - 115.2kbps

• Channels: 1 channel
• Transmission speed: 110 - 115.2kbps
• Transmission scheme: Asynchronous, full/half duplex supported
OtherLED: Power (Green)/ Status 1 (Green) / Status2 (Red)
Switch: Reset SW, Shut Down SW
RTC: RTC built-in (battery equipped)

Analog Inputs

Number Of Outputs2 differential inputs
Resolution12 bits (1/4096 of full scale)
Range0 to 20mA (30mA max)
Input Impedance250 Ohms
OtherIsolation: Bus isolation 500V DC, inter-channel isolation: 200V
Connector: 2 piece 3.5mm pitch 10-pin Terminal
Applicable wire: AWG28 – 16

Digital I/O/Counter/Timers

I/Os4 digital inputs (It is possible to allocate 2ch to counter input)
2 digital outputs
InputsInput: 12 ~ 24VDC
Non-voltage input (negative logic - Data 0 corresponds to High level and Data 1 corresponds to Low level)
IsolationIsolation: Bus isolation 500V DC, photo-coupler isolation: 1000V
Counter/Timer(s)Counter tpye: Up count
Counter type: 1kHz


ElectricalRated input voltage: 12 - 24VDC
Input voltage range: 10.8 - 30VDC
Power consumption: 12V 0.3A (Max.), 24V 0.2A (Max.)
Connector: 2- piece 3.5mm pitch 3-pin Terminal (V+, V-, FG)
Applicable wire: AWG28 - 16
Mechanical188.0(W)×78.0(D)×30.5(H) mm (not include projection)
Mounting: Quick mounting onto 35mm DIN or wall mountable with screws
SoftwareCODESYS supporting functions:
• Version: V3.5 SP7 Patch2 or higher
• Language: LD, SFC, FBD, ST, IL, CFC
• Field bus: EtherCAT Master, Modbus TCP Slave
• Communication protocol: OPC-UA Server

Program size
• ROM size: 1MB
• Maximum steps: 250K steps

CPU basic performance:
• Basic instruction execution speed (LD): 1.6ns
• Application instruction execution speed (ST): 5.8ns
• Scan time: 74?s (20000 steps)

EtherCAT performance
• Input processing time (LD): 144ns
• Output processing time (ST): 138ns
• Scan time: 166?s (64 inputs and 64 outputs)
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -20 to +60°C
Temperature range (storage): -20 to +60°C
HumidityHumidity (operation): 10 - 90%RH (No condensation)
Humidity (storage): 10 - 90%RH (No condensation)
Vibration10 - 57Hz / semi-amplitude vibration 0.15m, 57 - 150Hz/2.0G
40minutes each in X, Y, and Z directions
(JIS C60068-2-6 compliant, IEC60068-2-6 compliant)
Shock15G half-sine shock for 11ms in X, Y, and Z directions JIS C60068-2-27-compliant, IEC60068-2-27-compliant)
Safety/CertificationFCC, VCCI
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

CONPROSYS Integrated Type Series | CODESYS Modbus Master
12V output AC-DC Converter, 1.3A maximum current

24V output AC-DC Converter, 3.8A maximum current