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Contec's M2M/IoT Solution "CONPROSYS"

Contec's M2M/IoT Solution
Key Features
Integrated software solution for CONPROSYS
No low level programming necessary
Local server data collection or cloud based setup
Simple GUI for monitoring
Local task function allows automation
Local server data collection or cloud based setup
Linux API for customers with specific requirements


Contec's M2M/IoT Solution "CONPROSYS"


Contec has been providing DAQ, measurement and control expansion boards which are compliant with a wide variety sensors and field equipment. For more than 30 years, it has retained market leadership in the PC-based electronic measurement industry and the factory automation industry. Contec has delivered remote monitoring systems in photovoltaic generation and infrastructure equipment at more than 20,000 sites. Contec’s rich developed technologies and proven know-how will solve customers’ challenges with establishment of easy-to-use M2M/IoT systems which provide "Simple" and "Convenient" devices and cloud services.

CONPROSYS Components 

CONPROSYS at its most basic consists of the CONPROSYS controller (item 1 below) and the host server (item 2 below).

conprosys components

The CONPROSYS unit allows:

  • Measures and or displays data/signals via the controller's built in web interface (see below). No programming necessary.
  • Simple control functions by using a basic GUI via the controller's built in web interface (see below). Drag and drop configuration - no programming necessary.
  • Data transfer function - transmits data to a host server by Ethernet (or 3G in the near future) via http/https. The data transfer frequency can be adjused to suit. No programming necessary - just specify the URL of the server.
  • Modbus slave function - allows the controller to collect information from an external device over Modbus/TCP
  • Linkable to HMIs via Modbus and OPC-UA (item 3) - Contec provides a software tool called 'Active Touch' for this (two versions available, one basic/free edition and a more in depth/non free version).

The host server can be an on premises data collection server (for which Contec offers free software) or in the cloud (either via your own web service or by a 3rd party, which requires a subscription).


Measurement/Monitoring Function

Simple control and monitoring is possible with just the standard CONPROSYS unit. Simple control can be set and monitoring screens can be created by accessing the controller through a web browser and using drag-and-drop operations to create flow charts.

Example task programming screenTask Programming Function

  • I/O can be read/written to easily
  • Possible to read/write to serial ports and/or Ethernet ports
  • Control rules can be set easily by way of flowcharts
  • Settings can be configured from a web browser
  • A rich variety of control components (such as time synhronisation, comparison and calculation) are available
  • One task is managed on one page
  • Up to 10 main tasks and 10 sub tasks can be managed
  • Uses Java applet

Monitoring Function

Example monitoring screen

  • Simple monitoring screens can be created
  • All created/accessed via standard web browser
  • Screens created just by positioning components on screen and setting the display data
  • No complicated programming required
  • A rich variety of display components, such as meters and graphs, are available
  • Up to 20 screens can be created
  • Uses Java applet



The default configuration of a CONRPOSYS unit does not allow OEMs and access to the underlying software. In the near future, Contec will release a CONPROSYS API, which will allow OEMs to create their own applications. Note that this will turn the unitinto a simple Linux box, without the measurement/data transfer functions detailed above. Through using the API to access the various hardware interfaces, the OEM can create their own application to suit their own requirements.


Application Examples


Case One: Demand Control of Electricity Storage Systems

Using the CONPROSYS devices, a Contec customer could monitor the status of their power and electricity storage system to monitor information. Data was collected by the CONPROSYS unit, both directly from its I/O and also a secondary machine which was relayed to the cloud.

Demand Control of Electricity Storage Systems



Case Two: Remote Monitoring of Commercial Air Conditioning Equipment

A Contec customer setup a system where they could control commercial air conditioning of a building via PC and/or tablet PC from a remote location by a combination of the CONPROSYS devices and cloud services. When an abnormal issue occurs, the system will send an alert message by e-mail.

Remote Monitoring of Commercial Air Conditioning Equipment



Case Three: Demand Control of Electricity Storage Systems

A combination fo the CONPROSYS devices and cloud services gathers information on operation status and environment. The periodic data gathering realize an environment control and be useful for planning improvement projects.

Environment Management of Plant Equipment

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