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Connect Tech Xtreme I/O Express ADC-DAC- PCIe/104 Analog I/O Module

32 12/16-Bit Analog Inputs, 4 16-Bit Analog Outputs, 16 Digital I/O, full -40/+85 Operating

Connect Tech Xtreme I/O Express ADC-DAC-  PCIe/104 Analog I/O Module
Key Features
PCIe/104 Analog/Digital I/O PC/104 Module
32 analog inputs with 16-bit resolution
100KHz maximum sampling rate
4 16-bit analog outputs, 16 digital I/O lines
Built in temperature auto calibration
-40 to +85°C operating range


Connect Tech's Xtreme I/O ADC-DAC is an analog and digital peripheral board for the PCIe/104 small form factor embedded marketplace. This product is ideal for data acquisition, measurement and control applications. The flexibility of the FPGA technology applied to the Xtreme Express I/O ADC-DAC enables high functionality integration and customization to meet application requirements.

The Xtreme I/O Express  ADC-DAC use 4 ADC IC's which are interfaced to the on-board FPGA. Each of these ADC IC's have an 8-channel multiplexer that allow for the sampling of 8 single ended channels or 4 differential channels.

For the analog outputs, the Xtreme I/O Express  ADC-DAC uses a 16-bit 4-channel DAC IC which is interfaced to the on-board FPGA. Each of the 4 analog output channels from the DAC can be controlled independently from the DAC command register.

The Xtreme I/O Express  ADC-DAC has 16-bits of bi-directional GPIO that can be configured to operate with +3.3V or +5V logic levels. 

Lastly, the Xtreme I/O Express ADC-DAC supports harsh environments with demanding conditions with an extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C .


Analog Inputs

Number Of Outputs32 Single Ended, split into 4 groups of 8
RangeBipolar: ±10.24V, ±5.12V and ±2.56V
Unipolar: 0 - 10.24V and 0 - 5.12V
Max Sample Rate500 Ksps (per channel)
62.5 Ksps (per group)
Overvoltage Protection±20V
Input Impedance1M Ohm
AccuracyDNL: ±0.5 LSB, INL; ±0.75
CalibrationBuilt in temperature auto calibration
OtherSignal-to-Noise Ratio: 92 dB; TDH: -102 dB

Analog Outputs

Number Of Outputs4, 16-bit resolution
Resolution16 bits (1/65,536 of full scale)
RangeUnipolar: 0V to 15V
Bipolar: ±10V
Settling time6 microseconds

Digital I/O/Counter/Timers

I/Os16-bit bidirectional I/O
InputsHardware selectable +3.3V or +5V(TTL/CMOS)
OutputsHardware selectable +3.3V or +5V(TTL/CMOS)


PCI-104 (32 bit) interface can optionally be installed for pass-through operation
MechanicalDimensions: 96mm x 90mm
Conformal CoatingOn request
SoftwareCustom CTI Device Drivers for QNX, Linux, Windows
Device can also be controlled directly from a memory mapped register set in any operating system
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40°C to +85°C
Temperature range (storage): -40°C to +85°C
Humidity0-90% non-condensing

Ordering Details

Xtreme I/O Express ADC-DAC PCIe/104, 32 single ended channels, split into groups of 8, 16 bit 500Ksps (per group) 62.5 Ksps (per channel), 4 analog output channels 16 bit, 40C to 85C RoHS Compliant