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Innodisk 1.8” SATA SSD 3ME - 1.8” SATA MLC SSD

Up to 512GB Capacities, up to 460MB/s Read, up to 240MB/s Write


Innodisk 1.8” SATA SSD 3ME is SATA III 6Gb/s Flash based disk, which delivers excellent performance and reliability making it the ideal solution for a variety of applications, including embedded system, industrial computing, and enterprise field. 1.8” SATA SSD 3ME not only performs unmatched performance, but also designed with InnoDisk owned technical knowhow to ensure the data integrity and highest levels of reliability.


Storage Specification

Model Info1.8” SATA SSD 3ME
Flash TypeMLC
ConnectorStandard internal micro SATA connector (7+9)
Capacity8GB to 512GB
PerformanceSequential R/W (MB/sec, max.): 460 / 240
Thermal SensorST- Optional / WT- Default
DRAM BufferNo
ATA SecurityYes
Data SecurityNot supported


Electrical2.8 W (5V x 550 mA)
Mechanical54.0 X 78.5 X 5.00 mm
TemperatureOperating: Standard Grade: 0C to +70C;
Operating: Industrial Grade: -40C to +85C
Storage: -55 to +95°C
MTBF>3 million hours
Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

Board1.8" SATA SSD 3ME (Industrial, Standard Grade, 0 to 70°C)
DES18-08GD06RC1SC 08GB 1.8" SATA SSD 3ME, MLC flash, 1 channels, 120 MB/s (read), 20 MB/s (write)
DES18-16GD06RC1DC 16GB 1.8" SATA SSD 3ME, MLC flash, 2 channels, 240 MB/s (read), 35 MB/s (write)
DES18-32GD06RC1QC 32GB 1.8" SATA SSD 3ME, MLC flash, 4 channels, 460 MB/s (read), 80 MB/s (write)
DES18-64GD06RC1QC 64GB 1.8" SATA SSD 3ME, MLC flash, 4 channels, 460 MB/s (read), 160 MB/s (write)
DES18-A28D06RC1QC 128GB 1.8" SATA SSD 3ME, MLC flash, 4 channels, 470 MB/s (read), 160 MB/s (write)