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Kontron CFC-ADA1

IDE to Compact Flash Adaptor

Master/Slave Compatible, Extra IDE Header For CD-ROM

Kontron CFC-ADA1 IDE to CompactFlash adaptor
  • Compact Flash to IDE converter
  • Master / slave compatible
  • 2X 2mm 44 way IDE connectors
  • 1X 2.54mm 40 way IDE connector
  • Power, activity LEDs
  • Takes all size devices
  • Appears as a standard hard-disk
  • Bootable


No datasheet available No datasheet available
Kontron CFC-ADA1 manual in PDF format CFC-ADA1 Manual in PDF format



The CFC-ADA-1 Adapter from Kontron is an adaptor for connecting a Compact Flash Card Type I or II or an IBM Microdrive, to a 2.5” or 3.5” IDE interface. The adaptor has two 44 pin 2mm grid headers and one 40 pin 2.54mm header. Additionally to the power connector, there is a master/slave jumper, power LED indicator and IDE access LED indicator.

With this adaptor, the host PC will identify the inserted Compact Flash as a standard IDE hard disk (i.e. with cylinders, heads and sectors). As such, you can install any operating systems and the compact flash card will be bootable. Due to this, the Compact Flash is not hot swappable. Lastly, it is possible to connect another IDE device (such as a CD-ROM or hard-disk to the onboard connectors.

With Kontron You stay...always a Jump ahead!




Takes all size Compact Flash modules and IBM Microdrives
Limitation will be down to host motherboard
Compact Flash to IDE converter


Master / slave compatible
Appears as a standard hard-disk with cylinders, heads & sectors


Two 2mm pitch 44 way IDE connectors (laptop type IDE connector)
One 2.54mm pitch 40 way IDE connector (desktop PC IDE connector)


Power & activity LEDs


Connected to host with 40 pin IDE connector:

  • Power needs to be applied to 4 pin power connector (5V and GND needed)

Connected to host with 44 pin IDE connector:

  • Power is taken from host on 44 pin IDE cable
  • Power need not be applied to 4 pin power connector

Board has standard Molex type power connector as used on floppy disk drives.
Power consumption down to compactflash module used.


Mounting holes identical to that of a 2.5" laptop hard-disk

ROHS Status:

This product is lead free/ROHS compliant.

Ordering Details:


96004-0000-00-2 CFC-ADA1 - Compact Flash Card to IDE adaptor.

Please note that boards are supplied with no cables, software or manuals.


96020-0000-00-0 Cable IDE-25 (44 to 40 way IDE cable)
96021-0000-00-0 Cable IDE-2MM (44 to 44 way IDE cable)
96066-0000-00-0 CFC-Eject1
- Ejection arm extension

(The eject arm is only needed when the board is used with a JRex CPU card, it allows for the arm to be reached outside of the footprint of the CPU card).

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