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Contec COM-4CX-USB - Four Port USB to Serial Product

External USB Product - Four RS-232 Compatible Serial Ports with Standard DB9 Connector


Contec's COM-4CX-USB is a USB 2.0 converter for performing RS-232C serial communications with external devices. Each converter has four RS-232C serial ports. You can use the standard COM driver software (COM Setup Disk) supplied with the converter to access the serial ports as standard Windows COM ports.


  • This product has 4 port RS-232C-standard serial ports. Baud rates from 300 to 921,600bps can be set for each port. When using the bundled 'Standard COM Driver Software', baud rates from 300 to 921,600bps can be set. When data is transferred at the high speed, it may not be transferred normally, depending on the use environment such as the external device and cable length used.
  • Comes with a driver software that allows the boards to be used under Windows in the same way as COM ports on the PC. It supports to use under Windows-standard Win32 API communication function, Visual Basic MSComm or .NET Framework 2.0 SerialPoart class.
  • These are FIFO format, useful for high speed communications and to reduce the load to the CPU when transmitting/receiving.
  • Compatible to USB1.1/USB2.0 and capable to achieve high speed transfer at Full Speed (12 Mbps).
  • This product has the USB HUB function. Max. 4 COM-4CX-USB can be used in 1 USB port of PC. When you use 4 or more COM-4CX-USB, you can do by connecting COM-4CX-USB to the another USB port of PC side. Also, you can connect the CONTEC's USB device other than COM-4CX-USB to the USB port of COM-4CX-USB.



Interface4 RS-232 serial ports
Data: 7, 8 bit / 1, 2 stop bit
Controller: XR21V1414 or equivalent
Data Rates300 - 921,600bps
Connector(s)USB side : USB A connector
RS-232C side : Four 9 pin D-SUB connector (male)


ExpansionUSB Specification 1.1/2.0 standard
Electrical5VDC 200mA (Max), bus or externally powered
Mechanical180(W) x 140(D) x 34(H) mm (No protrusions)
Cable length: 1.8m
SoftwareWindows (all versions from XP onwards), Linux
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 to +50°C
Humidity10 - 90%RH(No condensation)
Weight300g (Not including the USB cable)
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

COM-4CX-USB RS-232C 4ch Converter for USB2.0
AccessoriesPOA200-20-2 AC-DC Power Adaptor(5VDC, 2A)
BRK-USB-X USB I/O Unit Bracket for X series
CN5-D9F 9pin D-SUB (Female) Connector Five-piece Set
RSC-25F/9F Cross Cable for Connector Conversion, RS-232C(25F -> 9F, 1.8m)
RSC-9F Cross Cable, RS-232C D-SUB9P(1.8m)
RSS-25M/9F Straight cable for Connector Conversion, RS-232C(25M -> 9F, 1.8m)
RSS-9M/F Straight Cable, RS-232C D-SUB9P(1.8m)