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Kontron Graphics Adapters - Throughout the Complete Graphics Chain

Standardized and Price-Efficient Cooling Solutions for COMe Modules


Convert graphics signals as required

Time-consuming adaption of graphic solutions is now history. With Kontron's portfolio of graphic adapters, you can realize a great number of graphic output variations. Save time by choosing the right combination.

Approved schemactics available

Kontron's reference schematics are available and as soon as you have found the right combination of module and graphic adapter, you just need to request the required schematics. The developer just need to integrate a fully tested schematic into his customized solution.

Parallel software development

While hardware developers still work on layout and schematics, software developers can already start their development early with an instant prototype.

How to select an adapter?

Please consult the selction matrix (datasheet) or Kontron Support to get help how to select the right adapter for your Kontron Computer-on-Module.

Manuals and Schematics

Available on request



OtherRefer to datahsheet


Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

Board96006-0000-00-5 ADA-SDVOB-FC5 SDVO-to-DVI-D Adaptor
9-5000-0352 ADA-LVDS-DVI 18Bit18bit LVDS (JILI) to DVI-D, including the flatfoil cable
61032 KAB-ADAPT-LVDSEvaluation Board to adapt LVDS flatpanels via JILI cable
34120-0000-00-2 ADA-COMe-T10-T2 COM Express® Adapter to connect T10 modules to T2 carrier boards
34120-0000-00-1 ADA-COMeType1-FFC30 Adapter to route SDVO signals to flat foil cable with 30 pins
34121-0000-00-0 ADA-SDVO30-DVIConvert SDVO from FFC (30 pins) to DVI-D (on DVI plug)

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