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MEN Mikro PU1 - 3U compactPCI 12 HP Power Supply Unit PSU, 110 VDC, 75 W

H15 DIN 41612 plug, -40 to +85°C Qualified

MEN Mikro PU1 - 3U cPCI 12HP PSU, 110 VDC, 75 W
Key Features
19" rack mountable (VMEbus, CompactPCI®)
3U, 12 HP, conformal coating
Input 110 VDC nom. (77..137.5 V)
Max. input voltage range 66..154 V (EN 50155)
Output 5.1 V, Power 75 W
H15 DIN 41612 plug connector (front and rear)
-40 to +85°C without derating, qualified
Complies with EN 50155 (railways)


MEN Mikro's PU1 3U 12HP power supply unit is a plug-in device for 19" systems (e.g. VMEbus, CompactPCI®) and is especially designed for railway computer systems, being fully compliant with EN 50155.

The 1.5 kV (effective) optically isolated PSU comes with a nominal input voltage of 110 VDC with a wide input range of 77..137.5 V (max. input voltage range 66..154 V according to EN50155) and a single output of 5 V at 75 W. It works up to +85°C without derating, delivering a thermal warning at over-temperature and switching off at +95°C.

The PSU supports an error signal (5 ms hold-up time), reverse-connect protection, permanent short-circuit protection, voltage control, synchronization, voltage in fail (ViF) and voltage out fail (VoF) as well as remote on/off.

The subassembly is immersion-painted und partially cast, and components are secured against vibration. The thermal stress is extremely low due to integrated heat sinks and diversion of dissipated heat over the mounting surface.


Power Supply

InputNominal voltage input: 110V DC
Wide input range: 0.7 x nominal voltage < nominal voltage < 1.25 x nominal voltage (according to EN50155)
• 77..137.5 VDC
Max. input voltage range: 0.6 x nominal voltage < nominal voltage < 1.4 x nominal voltage with full functionality for 0.1 s, no damage for 1 s (according to EN50155)
• 66..154 VDC
Voltage on threshold: 1.1V
No load input current: 15mA
Input and output via DIN 41612 plug connector, type H15
Output(s)Output: 5V/75W
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Voltage deviation: 12%
Rise time: 80ms
Overvoltage protection: 1.2V
Overcurrent protection: 1.08A min., 1.15A max.
Overtemperature shutdown: 101°C min., 105°C typ., 107°C max.
Input and output via DIN 41612 plug connector, type H15
• Input/output: 1500V eff
• Input/case: 1500V eff
• Output/case: 500V eff
OtherIntegrated heat sink for extremely low thermal stress to temperature sensitive components
Glued parts for better vibration resistance
Overtemperature and overvoltage shutdown
Short circuit protection
Remote on/off
LEDs: green LED indicates correct input voltage, yellow LED indicates operating mode
Fixed switching frequency 200kHz
Reverse polarity protection by internal protector
Thermal Warning (TW)
• Operating criteria: Overtemperature shutdown -5K (Risk of overtemperature exists.)
• Output TW: Output with NPN transistor, emitter connected with V out-; max. current 30mA
Hold-up Time
• According to EN 50155 Class S2 for P out 75W
Supply Fail (FAL)
• Output FAL: Isolated optocoupler output with NPN transistor
• Current: 5mA
• Voltage max.: 5V
• Pins: Open collector FAL, emitter FAL connected to V out-
• Isolation: FAL-V in: 1.500 Vrms

Sense (S)
• Provides compensation of voltage drops (max. 0.2V each line) between power supply and load
• Pins S+ and S- of converter must be connected to load
Shutdown interrupt (SD-INT)
• SD-INT in: 24V
• SD-INT out current: 5mA
• SD-INT out voltage: 5V
• SD-INT out pins: Collector pull-up resistor 10K to V out+
• SD-INT out isolation: SD-INT in to SD-INT out: 1.500 Vrms


ElectricalSee above
MechanicalDimensions: 3U, 12HP, 128.4mm height
Conformal CoatingAs standard
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40..+85°C
Temperature range (storage): -40..+105°C
HumidityRelative humidity range (operation): max. 95% non-condensing
Relative humidity range (storage): max. 95% non-condensing
Weightca. 1395g
VibrationVibration: according to IEC 68-2-6
ShockShock: according to IEC 68-2-27
Continuous shock: according to IEC 68-2-29
• Class of protection: Class I, EN 60950
• Degree of protection: IP20 (inserted in rack), DIN 40050 (IEC 529)
Pollution degree: 2 (EN 60950)
Warranty2 Years
RoHSNot compliant

Ordering Details

PU1 - 3U 12HP PSU, input 110VDC nominal (77..137.5), output 5V/75W, -40..+85°C qualified, conformal coating, no RoHS