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Aitech E901 - Rugged/Military 3U cPCI/CompactPCI Enclosure/Chassis

Rugged Chassis Specially Designed for High Reliability Space Applications


The Aitech E901 is a cold plate cooled 5-slot 3U CompactPCI compliant rugged computer enclosure, specially designed for space applications. The power supplies provide standard CompactPCI bus voltages and additional outputs in +15V DC, -15V DC and a dedicated +12V DC to power external equipment.


Enclosure Specifications

General• Rugged Chassis Specially Designed for High Reliability Space Applications
• 28 Vdc/140 W Radiation Tolerant and Latch-up Immune Power Supplies
• Optional 28V/140W Aitech P217 Power Supply can also be used
• 5-Slot 3U CompactPCI Compliant Backplane
• Cold Plate Conduction Cooling
• Faraday Cage Design for Enhanced EMI/RFI Performance
• Complete EMI/RFI Power Line Filtering
• Can Accommodate Up to 3 High-Speed I/O Interfaces (Tested to 200Mbps)
• No Wire Harnessing between the Backplane and Front Panel to Increase Overall
CapacityThe E901 accommodates 8 standard 3U CompactPCI board per VITA 30.1-2002 with 0.8 inch pitch
BackplaneThe backplane is 3U CompactPCI compliant with J1 and J2 connectors in all slots.


MechanicalDimensions:12.95 x 9.20 x 7.09 in (L x W x H)
TemperatureOperating Cold Plate Temp: -55C to +70°5C
HumidityOperating Temp: 0%-95% non-condensing
WeightLess than 20.2 lbs without boards
Vibration16 g RMS at 20 to 2000 Hz
Shock40 g peak, 3 axes, 11 ms duration
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

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