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Kontron CPS-ASM4 - CPCI Serial Rackmount Enclosure, 5 or 9 Slots, 3U Cards Vertical

4U / 42 or 84 HP System, 0 to +50°C Operating Range

Kontron CPS-ASM4 - 5/9 Slot cPCI Serial Rack Enclosure
Key Features
19" rack-mountable, IEEE 1101.10/11
4U, 42/84 HP system (incl. 1U fan tray)
5 CompactPCI® Serial backplane
84HP option with 4x legacy compactPCI
P6 RIO support
200 or 300W ATX PSU, 90 to 264 VAC
Simple migration path from classic CPCI
0 to 55°C operation


CPS-ASM4 is Kontron's standard product family for CompactPCI® Serial system infrastructure.
CPS-ASM4 already enables most system platform solutions: Card cages 19" rackmount, 42HP wallmount and 44HP tabletop, with AC or DC Power Supplies, backplanes of different slot count, with system slot right or left, with rear-I/O options for peripheral and system slots.

Saving the investments into CompactPCI®: No change for housing, cooling, installation.
The mechanical design of CPS-ASM4 is backward compatible with Kontron’s classic 3U CompactPCI® system portfolio. Housing and cooling all stay the same, rackmount installations can be re-used when the next generation application will be based on CompactPCI® Serial racks.

Saving the investments into CompactPCI®: CompactPCI® periphery can be re-used.
Migrating from CompactPCI® to CompactPCI® Serial is easy: A so-called “Hybrid” card cage is equipped with two usual backplanes, one which carries classic CPCI boards and the other CompactPCI® Serial boards. The only additionally needed building block is a PCIe-to-PCI bridge as an optional feature of the processor board’s I/O extension card!

- Simply use a bridge option CPCI-S to CPCI
- No additional bridge boards needed besides the CPU-Extension
- No need for intermediate standards
- No special backplane needed

Rear-I/O option for peripheral and system slots.
Connector P6 is alternatively used for RIO signals, to enable RIO also for the system slot.


Enclosure Specifications

GeneralCompliance with IEC 60 297-3, IEEE 1101.10
Capacity5 or 9 slots - see backplane section for more details
MechanicalBackplane Options:
• CPS3-BP5-SR-RIOPS: 5 slot, RIO on all slots, system slot: right, P6 with RIO
• CPS3-BP5-SR-RIOS: 5 slot, RIO on system slot, system slot: right, P6 with RIO
• CPS3-BP9-SL-ESS: 9 slot, no RIO, ETH single star, system slot: left, P6 for ETH single star
• CPS3-BPP: Power backplane, one slot, power connector as recommended for CPCI-S.0
See 'capacity' section for more details
• Input: 90-264 VAC
• Max Output: 12V/24.0A, 5VSB/2.5A
• Dimension: 3U, 8HP
• Cooling: Forced airfl ow mandatory
• Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C full rating
• Hold-Up Time: 20msec minimum
• Characteristics: full featured CPCI-S.0 recommended

250W AC: CPS3-SVE-250AC
• Input: 85-264 VAC
• Max Output: 12V/21A, 5V/0.3A
• Dimension LxWxH: 225 x 122 x 128.7 mm (3U 24HP)
• Cooling: Convection
• Operating temperature: -25°C to +70°C (derating)
• Hold-Up Time: 16 ms
• Characteristics: non-pluggable

200W AC (for Hybrid systems): CP3-SVE-200AC
• Input: 85-264 VAC
• Max Output: 5V/40A, 3.3V/40A, 12V/5.5A, -12V/1.5A
• Dimension 3U, 8HP
• Cooling: Forced airfl ow mandatory
• Operating temperature: up to 55°C full load, above: derating
• Hold-Up Time: 20msec minimum
• Characteristics: redundant, hot pluggable, P47 connector
• 84HP / 1U-275mm / 3.6W
• Power consumption: 12 VDC / 3x 1.2 Watt fans
• Airflow: 3x 95m³/h (56cfm) / average of 1.25 m/s (250lfm)

• 84HP / 1U-275mm / 10W
• Power consumption: 12 VDC / 2x 5 Watt fans
• Airflow: 2x 170m³/h (100cfm) / average of 2.5 m/s (500lfm)

• 42HP / 1U-235mm / 1.2W
• Power consumption: 12 VDC / 1x 1.2 Watt fan
• Airflow: 1x 95m³/h (56cfm) / average of 0.8 m/s (160lfm)


ExpansionCompliance with CompactPCI® Serial Spec.
ElectricalSee PSU section above
Over voltage category: 2
Protection class: 1
Mechanical84HP card cage: 483 x 177 x 282mm / 84HP, 4U, 275mm, including 1U fan tray
42HP card cage: 220 x 133 x 242mm / 42HP, 4U, 235mm, including 1U fan tray
44HP Tabletop card cage: 190 x 245 x 297mm / 44HP, 4U, including two 12VDC radial ventilators
Protection: IP20
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 to +50°C
HumidityUp to 93% RH at 40°C, non-condensing (acc. to IEC 60068-2-78)
EMCEN55022 / EN55024
Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

84HP chassis, AC PSU min. 200W, 5 slot backplane, system slot right, rear-I/O on all slots. Included: CPS3-SVE-250AC, CPS3-BP5-SR-RIOPS, CP-MKIT-FAN-84-3

42HP, AC PSU 300W plugable, 5 slot backplane, system slot right, no rear-I/O. Included: CPS3-SVE-S300AC, CPS3-BP5-SR-RIOS, CP-MKIT-FAN-42-1

44HP Tabletop chassis, AC PSU 300W plugable, 5 slot backplane, system slot right, rear-I/O on all slots. Included: CPS3-SVE-S300AC, CPS3-BP5-SR-RIOPS

84HP Hybrid chassis, AC PSU 200W, for CPU with bridge option, rear-I/O on all slots, and 4x serial and 4x classic peripheral slots. Included: CP3-SVE-P200AC, CPS3-BP5-SR-RIOPS

84HP chassis, AC PSU 300W, 9 slot backplane, system slot left, no rear-I/O. ATX PSU only for this article, with EMI Emission Class A. Included: CPS3-BP9-SL-ESS