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Inelmatic XF1000 - 10.4"e; Touch Screen LCD TFT Sunlight Readable Monitor

Sunlight Readable Open Frame Kits, 1024x768px, Resistive / PCAP Touch, Wide Viewing Angle, 9-36V DC, 350/1000nits.

Inelmatic XF1000 - 10.4&quote; Touch Screen LCD TFT Sunlight Readable Monitor
Key Features
10.4" rugged monitor, XGA resolution
350 or 1000 nit brightness, LED backlight
IP65 sealed chassis
Optional direct sunlight variants
Optional touch screen, 500/1000nits brightness
VGA/DVI/HDMI,2 x Composite Video inputs
Resistive 4 wires USB/RS232 touchpanel
-20 to +70°C operating temperature


The XF1000 is a 10.4 inches high grade monitor, including AFFS+ technology (superior to transflective technology) with 350nits (T) and 1000nits (HB) brightness. The HB version achieves including a high efficiency backlight rated 1000nits at only 5.5W power consumption. In adiction, T version reaches 800nits and HB version reaches 1500nits under direct sunlight, due to its transflectivity.

The XF1000 includes a high featured controller including automatic and manual backlight adjustment, depending of the ambient light, which makes it suitable for applications from the darkest night (NVIS) to the bright sun light. Besides, the XF1000 optionally includes a resistive touch panel with USB controller, adding interactivity.

The XF1000 is available with VGA and Audio input as standard, optional DVI, Composite Video and S-Video inputs. All inputs are available as factory option on the rear panel. Optionally it includes “all in one cable”, with a lockable conector for an easy and quick installation.



DisplaySize: 10.4 Inches
Aspect: 4:3
• T: 350nits native transflective(800nits equivalent under sunlight)
• HB: 1000nits native transflective (1500nits equivalent under sunlight)
Contrast: 700:1
Colors: 262K
Native resolution: 1024x768px
Outdoor readability: Meets MIL-STD-3009 (sunlight readable version OF1000T/HB-US/RS)
NVIS Optional: NVIS B compliant
InputsInputs: VGA, DVI, HDMI, 2 / 3 x Composite Video
Audio: 2 x 1 . 8 W
Touch Panel: Resistive 4 wires USB/RS232, Endurance>2M touch.


Electrical9-36V DC automotive car/truck suitable
Power consumption: Normal 8W, highbrighess 10W
Mechanical247.5 x 184.3 x 31 mm
Aluminium chasis/rear. PVC-ABS front.
Mounting: VESA 75mm mounting holes, stand alone brackets and windshield suction accesories
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -35 to +75°C max, -20 to +70°C continuous
Temperature range (storage): -40 to +85°C
Vibration1G 2-500Hz
Shock20G 11ms
Drop: 10cm max
Warranty2 Years

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