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Naelcom NGA-LA26-T-DCx - GPS L1 In line Amplifier with 26dB Gain

Extends GPS antenna cable runs to over 300m

Naelcom NGA-LA26-T-DCx - GPS L1 In line Amplifier with 26dB Gain
Key Features
GPS L1 In line Amplifier
Increase antenna runs up to 300m+
Stainless steel, IP67 sealed
TNC female connectors
+3VDC to +16VDC input voltage
Full -40 to +85°C operation


NAELCOM’s GPS Low Noise in-line Amplifier NGA-LA26-T series with L1 band pass filter provides high gain (26dB typical) in cases where GPS and antennas are separated by large distances. Long cables runs require the use of low loss cable, heavy and costly cables. NGA-LA26-T will allow increasing from 60 meters to more than 210 meters between the GPS antenna and a timing receiver. Two amplifiers may be chained to reach a distance up to 365 meters (CNT400 cable).

NGA-LA26-T is available in two versions, one DC PASS powered by GPS receiver through antenna coaxial cable which accepts power from 3VDC to 16VDC, the other in DC Block which Block the DC from the GPS receiver and amplify the signal from the GPS passive antenna (Railways applications).

The NGA-LA26-T is cylindrical and small (just  (75mm L x 18mm D) ) so can be installed inside most of antenna pipe mount and integrated with cables in-line.

NGA-LA26-T series is rugged and weatherproof (IP67), corrosion resistant (INOX housing), it can be used also with surge arrestor (NGA-TMTBF-Family).



FeaturesGain: 26dB (typical)
Input/Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
Filter Attenuation: >35dB@L1±75MHz, >40dB@L1±140MHz
Reverse Isolation: >35dB
Noise Figure: 2.5dB
VSWR: Input <1.5, Output <2.0
RF Input Level: -10dBm maximum
Connections2 TNC Female connectors


ElectricalDC Power: +3VDC to +16VDC
Current: <10mA
Mechanical75mm L x 18mm D
INOX stainless steel
Weatherproof (IP67) with suitable connectors
Temperature-40 to +85°C operation
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

BoardNGA-LA26-T-DCB GPS L1 In line Amplifier with 26dB Gain, DC Block with TNC connectors
NGA-LA26-T-DCP GPS L1 In line Amplifier with 26dB Gain, DC Pass with TNC connectors