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Xtreme-Radiator - Indoor GPS Re-Radiator

30 Metre Range, External Screw Mount, Internal Suction Mount, AC Power


The Xtreme-Radiator is an enhanced version of the best-selling Super-Radiator with a wider radiating range of 30 meters. This excellent GPS L1 band signal repeating antenna features dual antennas to re-transmit real-time GPS satellite outdoor receptions to an indoor environment.

Designed to operate as a whole, the system kits are composed of a highly sensitive external GPS antenna, precisely calibrated amplifier circuit with Helix type indoor repeating antenna and a built-in power supply regulator. The Helix type indoor antenna system allows multiple GPS receiver users to perform on-the-fly normal receiver operation within a closed environment, while the main GPS antenna is installed on an unmanned location outdoors.

The Xtreme-Radiator is most commonly used in laboratories and in underground garages or other buildings requiring a GPS signal indoors. A common application is in firehalls where the Xtreme-Radiator supplies a GPS signal to the fire trucks while they are in the garage, reducing response time when the trucks are needed


  • GPS signal repeating distance is approximatly 30 metres
  • One external antenna for different handheld GPS receivers
  • Independent Power Source
  • Re-transmits GPS signals to an otherwise unreachable location
  • External antenna: permanent screw mount
  • Internal re-radiator: screw mount or suction cups



FeaturesExternal Antenna Specifications
• TA: 25°C
• Frequency: L1 band 1.575GHz
• Bandwidth: 50MHz
• Noise Figure: 1.3dB
• Output SWR: 2.0:1
• DC Input: 4.5V to 5.5V DC

Re-Radiating Antenna Specifications
• TA: 25°C
• Frequency: L1 Band 1.575GHz
• Bandwidth: 20MHz
• Impedance: 50ohm
• Noise Figure: 2.0dB
• Output SWR: 1.6:1
• Element: Helix type
• Polarization: RHCP
• RF Out - at 1dB Gain Compression: -2.0dBm
• DC Input: 6V to 30V DC
• Power Consumption: 55mA
• Re-Radiating Distance: ~30m

Be sure the re-radiating antenna does not have a line of sight to the GPS antenna as this can cause a feedback loop
ConnectionsGPS Re-Radiating distance is 5 to 10 metres


Warranty1 Year

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BoardXtreme-Radiator Enhanced Indoor GPS Re-Radiating System