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Trimble Hardmount GNSS Antenna - Antenna For Bulhead Mounting

5.0V or 3.0V, TNC Connector


Bulkhead GNSS antenna models, in both 3 V and 5 V, are designed for drill-through mounting on vehicle roof and trunk panels. The tough plastic housing and the feedthrough threaded nut mount enable these units to withstand exposure to shock, vibration, and weather extremes. These models feature a TNC connector.


Antenna Specification

ConnectorTNC (female)
CableNo cable
MountingNut mount
Frequency1575-1610 MHz
Gain30dB minimum (all versions)
Noise2.0dB MAX. (+23C)
2.5dB MAX. (+85C)
Impendance50 Ohms
VSWR2.0 Max
OtherWaterproof: IP67 with cap on connector


Electrical70228-20: 5.0V +/- 0.6V, 16 +/- 3 mA
70228-30: 3.3V +/- 0.5V, 8 +/- 3 mA
Mechanical63.3 mm diameter, 40.5 mm height (2.48" x 1.6")
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40 to +85° C
Temperature range (storage): -40 to +100° C
Humidity20% to 95%
Weight150g max
Vibration10 to 200Hz. Log sweep 3.0G (sweep time: 15 min) 3 axis
Shock50G vertical axis, 30G all axis
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

Board70228-20 5.0V Hardmount GNSS Antenna with TNC connector, 28 dB gain
70228-30 3.0V Hardmount GPS Antenna with TNC connector, 28 dB gain
AccessoriesD2478-3001 TNC to TNC, 1 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2478-3008 TNC to TNC, 8 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2478-3025 TNC to TNC, 25 metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2606-3008 TNC to N-TYPE, 8 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2606-3025 TNC to N-TYPE, 25 metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2607-3008 TNC to BNC, 8 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2607-3025 TNC to BNC, 25 metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2446-3000 F-Type to F-Type, 25 metres

Other cable lengths/connector combinations available on request - call for details

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CX-TF/F TNC F/F Bullet GPS protector
CX-TM/F TNC M/F Bullet GPS protector
CX-FM/F F style M/F Bullet GPS protector
CX-FF/F F style F/F Bullet GPS protector
CX-FF/FB F style F/F bracket mounted Bullet GPS protector
CX-BM/F BNC M/F GPS protector
CX-BF/F BNC F/F GPS protector
CX-NM/F N style M/F GPS protector
CX-NF/F N style F/F GPS protector
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