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Trimble Thunderbolt NTP - Time Server TS100

NTP v4 Time Server For High Reliability Applications


The Trimble Thunderbolt® NTP TS100 Time Server is designed for demanding applications that require high accuracy NTP timestamping. The TS100 supports synchronisation of thousands of workstations, routers, switches and other network elements for logging and security forensics. VOIP IPBX systems also require very accurate NTP timestamps to ensure CDR events are correctly registered and reported.

The Thunderbolt NTP TS100 supports multiple constellations GNSS, which enables tracking of GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou satellites enhancing redundancy and satellite availability. The Thunderbolt NTP TS100 Time Server is certified NEBS standards for reliability.

Industrial applications

Automation systems and industrial environments that use SCADA or other network monitoring, measurement and control systems require high precision NTP reference to ensure reliable and accurate operations.

The NTP TS100 is optimised to deliver extremely stable and accurate time of day (TOD) synchronisation for a variety of time sensitive applications such as datacenters, SCADA systems and PMU synchronisation.

Ideal for demanding environments

The Thunderbolt NTP TS100 leverages Trimble’s decades of experience in GNSS systems with millions of timing devices integrated into telecommunications, digital broadcasting, computer networks and other industrial applications.

The NTP TS100 Time Server offers extended operating temperature ranges to ensure suitability for use in demanding environments.

The NTP TS100 supports a large number of clients making it suitable for medium and large scale deployment. The low cost per client of the TS100 helps reduce the total cost of deployment while maintaining superior reliability

Integration and Installation

The Trimble Thunderbolt NTP TS 100 Clock offers AC and DC power options for easy deployment in all types of network environments.

Matching the NTP TS 100 with Trimble rugged antennas such as the Trimble Bullet™ 360 provides reliable reference acquisition in challenging RF signal environments.

Bullet 360 rugged antennas provide multi-GNSS capabilities so that critical applications can obtain high precision timing signals with the best reliability in the industry.


Product Specification

GeneralInputs: GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou & Galileo)
Outputs: Ethernet; 1x GigE, 1x SFP
Antenna connector: SMA
PPS connector: BNC
Network Management: SNMPv3, HTTP

AccuracyTime of day accuracy: 15ns (1-sigma) from UTC

• Accuracy: 1.16x10-12 (one day ave.)
• Holdover: <1x10-10 /24hrs

Time accuracy
• Tracking to PRC: <15ns (locked)
• Holdover: < ±1.5microseconds/4hrs (7 days locked)

NTPv4 Stratum-1 server configuration: 2500 tps
Surveyed accuracy: <3m Horizontal, <5m Vertical
ProtocolsNTP, IPv4, IPv6, Telnet, SFTP, SSH
OtherNetwork Management
• SNMPv2
• HTTP (information viewing only)

User Interfaces:
• CLI: Monitoring and Management
• Web UI: Monitoring Only


ElectricalThe standard input power is -48VDC. The Thunderbolt® PTP GMC provides a 5pole terminal block to connect dual DC power inputs.
Power consumption: 5W average, 10W maximum
Mechanical208 mm x 200 mm x 44 mm
19" x 1U (half rack)
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): –40 to +85°C
Temperature range (storage): –55 to +105°C
Humidity5–95% non-condensing @ 60°C
Weight< 3 Kg (6 lb)
Safety/CertificationUL/CSA 60950-1
EN: 60950-1, 300019
CE, CISPR22 class A
GR-63; level 3
NEBS GR-1089 section 2 and 3
ETSI (EN55022/EN55024) EN300019, Class T3.2
EMCEMC, ESD, immunity & susceptibility FCC part 15 class A
EN:300 386, 55022 class A, 55024, 61000-6-4, 61000-6-2
EU: 2004/108EC
IEEE: 1613-1
Telcordia: GR-1089
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

Board102011-50 Thunderbolt NTP - Time Server TS100
Accessories102011-90 GMC Antenna Kit: includes Bullet 360 antenna, 75 foot cable from antenna, surge protector
112413 Surge Protector - 800MHz to 2500 MHz
112383 Power Adapter - 110/220VAC to -48VDC