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Connect Tech COM Express Type 6 Stacking Carrier/Breakout Board

Carrier Board Ideal for Military and Aerospace Applications


Connect Tech’s COM Express® Type 6 carrier, model CCG060, changes the design process completely! The CCG060 provides high density board to board connectors for use with either off-the-shelf or custom breakout boards, dramatically reducing the need for cabling.

With all of the complex circuitry already on the carrier, such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, Serial, and Display, the design of a unique breakout board can be done with minimal effort and using Connect Tech’s design services or by the user.

Use with off the shelf breakout boards, or easily design a custom breakout board to meet your needs. Access to the COM Express PCI Express x16 Bus enables high data throughout or bifurcation design options. In addition, both unused SATA Links and PCIe x1 Links with clocks are provided to the breakout board. All this allows for breakout board expansion to meet your design needs.  

COM Express® Type 6 Stacking Carrier (CCG060) Features

  • 125mm x 95mm (4.92" x 3.74")
  • 3x Mini PCIe Modules
  • 4x GbE Ports with On-Board Magnetics
  • PCI Express x16 Bus Design Access
  • Use with Off-the-Shelf or Custom designed breakout boards
  • Extended Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C



CPU SpecCOM Express® Type 6 Modules
PCIMG COM Express® COM.0 R2.0
Graphics2x DDI Link (via high density connector)
1x VGA
Network4x Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) Links (via high density connector)
Storage4x SATA links (via high density connector)
3x mSATA (shared with Mini-PCIe), Full Size, uses SATA interfaces from the 4 above
1x microSD Card Slot (Uses GPIO Pins)
USB2x USB 3.0 Links (via high density connector)
4x USB 2.0 Links (via high density connector)
3x USB 2.0 (Mini-PCIe)
Serial2x RS-232/RS-485 Links (via high density connector)
AudioHD Audio Link: 1x Input, 1x Output (via high density connector)
Other1x SMB Link
1x FAN Link
1x I2C Link


ExpansionMiniPCIe: 3x Mini-PCIe (shared with mSATA), Full Size
5x PCIe x1 Link with PCIe CLK (via high density connector)
1x PCIe x16 Bus with 4x PCIe CLK allowing for PCIe Bifurcation
Electrical+12V Input
Mechanical125mm x 95mm (4.921" x 3.740")
Conformal CoatingUpon request
SoftwareN/A (depends on module)
TemperatureOperation (standard): -40°C to 85°C
Operation (storage): -40°C to 85°C
Warranty2 Years

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COM Express Type 6 Stacking Carrier

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