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MEN Mikro D202 - 6U cPCI/CompactPCI PC-MIP Carrier Board

6 PC-MIP® slots


The D202 is a 6U PC-MIP® carrier board for universal I/O on the CompactPCI® bus. You can install up to six PC-MIPs on the D202, with four Type I/II and two Type I PC-MIPs.

All PC-MIPs provide I/O via the J3/J4/J5 CompactPCI® connectors of the D202, while the four Type II modules are also accessible at the front panel.

Even equipped with six PC-MIPs, the D202 needs only one slot on the CompactPCI® bus.

PC-MIPs are an ideal solution for flexible and fast CPU-related applications, which take advantage out of the internal PCI bus of the PC-MIPs.



• Up to six PC-MIP® modules on one board
• Support of 2 Type I and 4 Type II modules
• Local 32-bit PCI bus
ConnectionsPeripheral Connections
• Via front panel
• Via CompactPCI® J3/J4/J5


ExpansionCompactPCI® Bus
• Compliance with CompactPCI® Specification 2.0 R2.1
• DECchip 21150 PCI-to-PCI bridge
• • Target and/or initiator on PCI bus
• • Max. clock frequency 33MHz
• • Power supply 5V and 3.3V
• Compliance with PCI Specification 2.1
• 32-bit PCI data bus
• V(I/O): +3.3V or +5V (Universal Board)
ElectricalSupply voltage/power consumption:
• +5V (4.85V..5.25V), 5mA typ.
• +3.3V (3.2V..3.5V), 150mA typ.
MechanicalDimensions: conforming to CompactPCI® specification for 6U boards
Front panel: aluminum with 2 handles
Conformal CoatingOn request
SoftwarePC-MIP® drivers for Windows®, VxWorks®, Linux, QNX®, OS-9® as supported
TemperatureTemperature range (operation):
• 0..+60°C
• Industrial temperature range on request
• Airflow: min. 10m³/h
Temperature range (storage): -40..+85°C
HumidityRelative humidity range (operation): max. 95% non-condensing
Relative humidity range (storage): max. 95% non-condensing
Vibration2g/10..150Hz (sinusoidal)
MTBF225,000h @ 50°C (derived from MIL-HDBK-217F)
Safety/CertificationPCB manufactured with a flammability rating of 94V-0 by UL recognized manufacturers
EMCTested according to EN 55022 (radio disturbance), IEC1000-4-2 (ESD) and IEC1000-4-4 (burst)
Warranty2 Years

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PC-MIP® carrier board, with J3/J4/J5, 0..+60°C