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Contec DIG-100M1002-PCI - 100MSPS 2ch Digitizer Board for PCI

2 10-Bit Analog Inputs


Contec's DIG-100M1002-PCI product is a PCI-bus compliant digitizer board. It is designed with the following features: 10-bit resolution, up to 100MSPS (10nsec) conversion speed, sampling 2 channels simultaneously. In addition, it features with the PASS/FAIL judgment functionality by comparing input data with the set standard data (mask data) one by one. The large (32M data) on-board memory and bus master transfer function allow continuous data acquisition to be performed at high speed for a long period. 

The automation of the measurement is facilitated by factors such as various sampling control and waveform judgment function based on mask data. 

The mask editor software is attached as a tool to generate comparison waveform data. You can create the waveform data by drawing on screen directly with mouse or drawing with mathematics functions (input numerical values). Moreover, you can make use of the supplied front panel soft as anoscilloscope or a waveform judgment instrument. In addition, Windows API is also supplied, so that you can also program in Visual Baisc or Visual C++.


  • Free yourself from visual inspection. The inspected input signal can be automatically judged whether OK or NG.) - By comparing the sampled signal waveform with the pass range which is set beforehand, a pass or fail judgment can be done automatically with the waveform level. It is intended to not only save labor on present visual test greatly but also improve/uniform the quality. Moreover, the 'Mask Editor Software' is supplied as a tool to create comparison waveform data and is Windows exclusive use.
  • Front panel software is supplied to be used as a oscilloscope or a waveform judgment instrument. - The 'Front Panel Software', an application that makes an image of oscilloscope or waveform judgment instrument, is supplied. You can use it easily without programming. Moreover, you can use it to check the configured execution environment, because it features the functionality of diagnosing and reporting the status of the board and device driver.
  • Simultaneous sampling of 2 channels with a resolution of 10 bits and at 10MSPS (100nsec) maximum conversion speed. - A 10bits high-speed A/D converter is used, the measurement at the highest conversion speed of 100MSPS (10nsec) is possible. It is possible to sample 2 channels simultaneously. Moreover, it is equipped with a mass on-board memory of 32M data that achieves continuous sampling, regardless of the processing performance of the PC. It is also equipped with bus master transfer function by which the sampling data is transferred to PC memory with high speed.
  • The function of saving/reading configuration file and auto setup for sampling condition. - The work time of setup can be greatly shortened for that acquisition conditions such as horizontal axis setting, vertical axis setting and trigger setting can be save/read into/from a file. Moreover, it is equipped with the auto setup function that scans input signals of each channel and then performs settings automatically. By configuration software, it is possible to create a configuration file of acquisition conditions or edit an existing file in a wizard form.
  • A variety settings for signal input. - Analog input channel's input impedance can be selected between 50? and 1M?. The measurement using a general-purpose passive probe is also possible by 1M?. According to the voltage level of signal source connected, a number of ranges can be switched (When 1M? is set, there are 10 ranges between 40mVpk[±20mV] and 40Vpk[±20V]. When 50? is set, there are 8 ranges between 40mVpk [±20mV] and 10Vpk[±5V]).
  • The synchronization between external instrument and the board is possible with the reference clock I/O. - The synchronization between other measuring instrument or another board with the same type becomes easily for that the reference clock (10MHz) can be input/output. It is possible to expand the number of channels by the synchronization between another board with the same type, and measure the mixed signal by the synchronization between other measuring instrument.



Analog Inputs

Number Of Outputs2ch Synchronized Sampling Inputs
Resolution10 bit (1/1024 of full scale)
RangeWhen input impedance 1M? is set:
• 40mVpk [±20mV], 100mVpk [±50mV], 200mVpk [±100mV], 400mVpk [±200mV], 1Vpk [±500mV], 2Vpk [±1V], 4Vpk [±2V], 10Vpk [±5V], 20Vpk [±10V], 40Vpk [±20V]
When input impedance 50? is set:
• 40mVpk [±20mV], 100mVpk [±50mV], 200mVpk [±100mV], 400mVpk [±200mV], 1Vpk [±500mV], 2Vpk [±1V], 4Vpk [±2V], 10Vpk [±5V]
Max Sample Rate1500SPS [0.67ms]
Maximum Input VoltageWhen input impedance 1M Ohm is set: ±30VDC (Max.)
When input impedance 50 Ohm is set: ±5.6VDC (Max.)
Input ImpedanceYou can select 1MOhm±1% // 19pF typ. or 50Ohm±2%
Conversion Rate10nsec
OtherInput coupling: AC, DC, GND (AC coupling can be used only when 1M? is set.)
Offset range setting: Input voltage range's ±50% (For 1M Ohm:40Vpk, 50 Ohm:10Vpk: ±0%)
Frequency bandwidth: (-3dB) 60MHz typ.
Noise filtering bandwidth (-3dB): 20MHz typ. Attenuation property: Low-Pass Filter
AC coupling cut off frequency (-3dB): 13Hz typ.
On-board memory: 32M data


Expansion32-bit, 33MHz, Universal key shapes supported (5V card only)
Electrical5VDC 1.9A (Max.), 3.3VDC 0.1A (Max.)
MechanicalConnector: BNC (Characteristic Impedance 50?)
Board dimensions: 176.41(L) x 105.68(H) mm
SoftwareWindows: Win32 API (Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#)
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 to +50°C
Humidity10 - 90%RH (No condensation)
Warranty1 Year

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BoardDIG-100M1002-PCI 100MSPS 2ch Digitizer Board for PCI
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