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Contec AD16-64(LPCI)LA - 64 Channel 16-bit Analog Input Board for Low Profile PCI

64 16-Bit Analog Inputs, 2 16-Bit Analog Outputs, 8 Digital I/O Channels


Contec's AD16-64(LPCI)LA a PCI bus compatible interface board with 64 high-precision, 16-bit analog input channels, digital input and output channels (4 channels each), and a 32-bit counter(1 channel). The board has a full driver library (API-PAC(W32)), which supports Visual C# .Net, Visual Basic .Net, Visual C++. Also, the product supports no-programing data collection with a data logger soft (C-LOGGER), and supports MATLAB and LabVIEW with plug in of an exclusive library (free download).


  • Multi channels analog input: Analog input of 64 single-end input channels or 32 differential input channels is possible. It can sets the single-end input, choice of the differential input by software.
  • Substantiality of a basic function: It realizes high-precise analog input by a compact system, It carries control signal (3 points of TTL) of analog input, digital input (4 points of TTL), digital output (4 points of TTL), counter (32bit, TTL 1ch) other than analog input.
  • Substantiality of a control function: As for the Analog input, the input that synchronized to input of every time and an outside signal together is possible.
  • The filter function deployment to do connection of an outside signal easily: In an outside control signal of Analog input, It possess the digital filter which can prevent chattering.
  • Adjustment is possible by software: It can perform adjustment of analog input by software entirely. There is not troublesome jumper setting. In addition, It can memorize the adjustment information that is different from adjustment information at the time of factory shipment and can have the adjustment information that accepted use environment.
  • Support Low Profile PCI Slot/PCI Slot: It supports to a Low Profile size slot and a standard size slot(can change it with an attached bracket).


Analog Outputs

Digital I/O/Counter/Timers

I/OsNumber of input channels: Un-Isolated input 4ch (LVTTL level positive logic)
Number of output channels: Un-Isolated output 4ch (LVTTL level positive logic)
Counter/Timer(s)Number of channels: 1ch
Counting system: Up count
Max. count: FFFFFFFFh (Binary data, 32bit)
Number of external inputs: 2 LVTTL level (Gate/Up)/ch, Gate (High level), Up (Rising edge)
Number of external outputs: LVTTL level output/ch, Count match output (positive logic, pulse output)
Frequency response: 10MHz (Max.)


Expansion32bit, 33MHz, Universal key shapes supported
Electrical5VDC 450mA (Max.)
MechanicalConnector: HRDA-E68W1LFDT-SL (Honda) or equivalent
Board dimensions: 121.69 (L) x 63.41 mm
SoftwareWindows: Win32 API (Visual C# .Net, Visual Basic .Net, Visual C++ .Net examples), 32 or 64 bit architecture
Linux API (GCC)
Data Logger Software
Data acquisition VI library for LabVIEW (VI-DAQ)
Data Acquisition library for MATLAB (ML-DAQ)
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 to +50°C
Humidity10 - 90%RH (No condensation)
Warranty1 Year

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BoardAD16-64(LPCI)L 64 Channel 16-bit Analog Input Board for Low Profile PCI
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