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Trimble Aardvark DR + GPS - Dead Reckoning GPS Module with Gyro

When GPS Alone Is Just Not Good Enough


The Trimble® Aardvark DR+GPS combines dead reckoning (DR) with GPS to produce accurate and instantaneous positions, even under the most difficult conditions. For service providers tracking high-value or perishable cargo, Aardvark DR+GPS dramatically improves quality of service (QoS). Dead reckoning (DR) estimates position based on heading and distance traveled since the last known position. The more accurate the speed, time and heading inputs, the more accurate the dead reckoning. This is where GPS helps. GPS continuously calibrates the gyro and speed sensors to produce optimal dead reckoning. Aardvark DR+GPS has an on-board gyro sensor and accepts inputs from an odometer pulse and a forward/ reverse indicator. Its sophisticated DR+GPS algorithm autocalibrates these sensors and optimally blends the sensor inputs and GPS to produce accurate position and velocity outputs in the most hostile GPS environments.

Key Features

  • Instantaneous and accurate positions in deep urban canyons and dense forests. 
  • Continuous position outputs in tunnels, parking garages and on lower bridge decks.
  • Reliable positioning for tracking high-value assets and for mapping RF field strength.
  • Improves QoS and customer satisfaction and retention to maximize service revenue.

A3000 - Aardvark in a Box

The A3000 is an Aardvark A1919 mounted on a carrier board, enclosed in a Trimble TM3000-style case. The A3000 is designed to run from a dirty power supply like a car and works with an external GPS antenna. The only additional accessories needed are a 3.0V GPS antenna (SMA connector) and cable.

Refer to the A3000 product page for further details.

Aardvark DR+GPS Starter Kit

A starter kit is available for the Aardvark and includes:

  • 1x - A3000 unit (see above paragraph)
  • 3x - Aardvark modules
  • 1x – interface Cable (cigarette lighter and serial port connector)
  • 1x – Reference Manual


Product Specification

GeneralGPS Single Frequency L1, SBAS capable
Update rateDR fix rate: 5 Hz (default) with 10 Hz option
GPS fix rate: 1 Hz
AccuracyDR Accuracy (refer to Condor for GPS accuracy):
Horizontal Accuracy (DR): 5 m (CEP 50%)
Altitude Accuracy (DR): 5 m (CEP 50%)
Speed Accuracy: 0.5 % of Speed
Heading Accuracy: <2 degrees
PPS Accuracy, relative to UTC/GPS-Time: <± 25 ns (50%)
Time to First Fix2 s (DR)
Operational LimitsAltitude: -1000 m to +18000 m MSL
Velocity: 515 m/s
Acceleration: 4 g
Motion jerk: 20 m/sec³
SensitivityAcquire a signal: -146 dBm
Track a signal: -160 dBm
InterfacesAll digital inputs and outputs are 3.3 V Low-Voltage TTL compatible
Inputs : VIL ? 0.8 V, VIH ? 2.0 V
Outputs: VOL ? 0.4 V, VOH ? 2.4 V
Odometer: 0 kHz–3 kHz, distance of 1 cm–1 m per pulse
Forward/Reverse indicator (Optional)
ProtocolsNMEA or HIPPO binary
Serial Ports38400 Baud, 8 data bits, None parity, 1 stop bit (default, Baud rate and Parity are configurable)
Supports proprietary NMEA messages
OtherSupport for active antennas (3.0 V supply, 25 dB LNA gain)

Two variants:
• Flat: This version must be mounted flat in the vehicle.
• Tilt: This version includes a three axis gyro and can be mounted in any orientation in the vehicle


Electrical3.0 V to 3.6 V (3.3 V typical)
200 mW typical power consumption
Backup Power Supply Voltage: 2.5 V to Vcc
Backup Power Consumption: 6 ?A @ 25 ºC
Antenna Power Supply Voltage: Vcc
Mechanical19 mm x 19 mm x 2.54 mm
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40 to +85° C
Temperature range (storage): -40 to +85° C
Humidity5% to 95% RH non-condensing @ 60°C
Weight1.8 grams (0.06 ounce) including shield
Vibration5 Hz to 20 Hz: 0.008 g2/Hz
20 Hz to 100 Hz: 0.05 g2/Hz
100 Hz to 900 Hz: –3 dB/octave
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

Board88788-30 Aardvark A1919F DR+GPS flat gyro
88788-50 Aardvark A1919F DR+GPS tilted gyro
Accessories89106-30 Aardvark A1919 DR+GPS starter kit flat gyro
89106-50 Aardvark A1919 DR+GPS starter kit tilted gyro
Starter kit contains three Aardvark modules, one A3000 unit (A1919 mounted on PCB in tough rugged plastic case), one antenna (3V, SMA connector, 5 meter length) and one A3000 interface cable.

99899-30 A3000 flat mount GPS
99899-50 A3000 tilted mount GPS

66800-52 3.0V, 27dB GPS antenna, mag mount, 5 meter cable, SMA connector
57861-20 Bullet III 3.3V GPS antenna TNC connector, 30dB gain
70228-00 3.0V Hardmount GPS Antenna with TNC connector, 28 dB gain

69815-06 Cable, TM3000/A3000, 2M length, cigarette & DB9 connectors
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