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Diamond Systems P104-DAQ1616 - PC/104-Plus Analog I/O Module

16 16-Bit Analog Inputs, 16 16-Bit Analog Outputs, 56 Digital I/O, 2 Counters, 4 PWMs


P104-DAQ1616 is a PC/104-Plus data acquisition I/O card integrating Diamond's newest and fastest analog I/O technology and a PCI Express interface (carrier has a PCIe to PCI bridge).

This module offers 16-bit or 12-bit A/D sampling at a maximum of 2MHz, supported with an expanded 16K-sample FIFO for reliable data collection in any operating system. Analog output capability has been expanded to 16 16-bit channels with programmable output ranges. All analog I/O features are enhanced with our industry-leading autocalibration technology, featuring independent calibration factors for each input and output range to guarantee maximum accuracy across all operating modes and the entire operating temperature range.

Digital I/O features include seven 8-bit ports with both bit-wide and byte-wide direction control, two 32-bit up/down counter/timers with programmable input source and gate, and four 24-bit pulse-width modulation circuits with 0-100% duty cycle.

Universal Driver Software

Universal Driver software provides a high-level programming library for all of Diamond Systems’ I/O boards, as well as the data acquisition circuitry on our SBC boards. All the features described above are supported with easy-to-use function calls, resulting in a reduced learning curve and shortened application development time. The Universal Driver works with Linux, Windows 2000/XP, Windows CE and DOS. Application examples and projects are included for each function, each board, and each operating system to provide a quick starting point for learning and development.


Analog Inputs

Number Of Outputs16 single-ended, 8 differential (software selectable)
Resolution16 bits or 12 bits (1/65,536 of full scale) (user selectable)
RangeBipolar ranges: ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V, ±1.25V
Unipolar ranges: 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-2.5V, 0-1.25V
Max Sample Rate2,000,000 aggregate samples/sec max
1,000,000 samples/sec for multi-channel operation
Input Bias Current40nA max
Maximum Input Voltage±10V for linear operation
Overvoltage Protection-25V to +40V on any analog input without damage
Input Impedance10^13 ohms
Drift±10ppm/°C typical
Accuracy±2 LSB, after calibration
Nonlinearity±3LSB, no missing codes
Conversion TriggerSoftware trigger, internal pacer clock, external digital signal
On-board FIFO16K (16,384) 16-bit samples with programmable interrupt threshold
CalibrationAutomatic; values stored in EEPROM

Analog Outputs

Number Of Outputs16
Resolution16-bits (1/65536 of full scale) standard
Current±1mA max per channel
Range±1.25V, ±2.5V, ±5V, ±10V, 0-2.5V, 0-5V, 0-10V
Settling time6µS max to 0.01%
Transition time1V/µs typical
Relative accuracy±1 LSB channel to channel
Nonlinearity±1 LSB, monotonic
ResetAll channels reset to 0V
CalibrationAutocalibration with software support, values stored in EEPROM
OtherOutput short circuit current: 15mA max per channel

Digital I/O/Counter/Timers

I/OsPorts A, B, C, D: 32 programmable I/O
Ports E, F, Auxilary: 24 I/O, EXTTRIG, TOUT1
InputsPorts A, B, C, D:
• Compatibility LVTTL and TTL
• Pull-up / Pull-down Programmable
• Input voltage Low: 0.0V min, 0.8V max
• Input voltage High: 2.0V min, 5.5V max
• Input current ±340µA max

Ports E, F, Auxilary:
• Compatibility LVTTL
• Pull-up / Pull-down Programmable for port E only
• Input voltage Low: -0.3V min, 1.0V max
• Input voltage High: 2.0V min, 3.6V max
• Input current ±340µA max
OutputsPorts A, B, C, D:
• Output voltage Low: 0.0V min, 0.4V max
• Output voltage High: 2.4V min, 3.3V max
• Output current Low: 16mA max
• Output current High: -16mA max

Ports E, F, Auxilary:
• Output voltage Low: 0.0V min, 0.4V max
• Output voltage High: 2.7V min, 3.3V max
• Output current Low: 12mA max
• Output voltage High: -12mA max
Counter/Timer(s)A/D Pacer clock: 32-bit up/down counter
General purpose: 32-bit up/down counter
Clock source: 50MHz or 5MHz on-board clock, external signal
Pulse width modulators: 4 independent programmable PWMs with user selectable clock at 1MHz or 50MHz


ExpansionStandard 16 bit PC/104 interface (pass through only)
Standard 32 bit PC/104plus interface
ElectricalPower Input: 3.3V DC ±5%
MechanicalDimensions: 96mm x 90mm
Conformal CoatingOn request
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows CE.Net
Contact us for others
APIUniversal Driver 7.0
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40ºC to +85ºC (-40ºF to +185ºF)
Temperature range (storage): -40ºC to +85ºC (-40ºF to +185ºF)
Humidity0-90% non-condensing
Warranty1 Year

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BoardP104-DAQ1616 PC/104-Plus Analog I/O module with 2MHz A/D, D/A, DIO, counter/timers
AccessoriesC-50-18 50-conductor 18" ribbon cable
C-34-18 34-conductor 18" ribbon cable
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