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CTI PCIe/104 Quad Mini PCIe/mSATA - Adds Four mPCIe or mSATA Cards to PCIe/104

Integration of four Mini-PCIe (PCI Express Mini) or mSATA Cards into a PCIe/104 or PC/104-Express System


Connect Tech’s Quad Mini PCIe/mSATA board supports up to four mini PCIe modules simultaneously for applications in the PCIe/104 small form factor embedded market place.

This product is ideal for a wide array of applications as it supports any “Half” or “Full” Mini PCIe/mSATA product onthe market. This allows for maximum flexibility while keeping the PCIe/104 stack as small as possible.



FeaturesPower Source: PCIe/104 Bus
Power Onboard: power supply for Mini PCIe sockets
ConnectionsMini PCIe Compatibility - Supports four “Full” or “Half” sized Mini PCIe modules:
• PCIe: Support for PCIe to all four Mini PCIe sockets
• SATA: Support for mSATA at two Mini PCIe sockets
• USB: USB support at all four Mini PCIe sockets
• SMBus: SMBus support for all four Mini PCIe sockets
Each card has dedicated SIM slot


ExpansionPCIe/104 Type 2
PCIe/104 x3
Electrical+5V from PCIe/104 or PCI/104 Express stack
Mechanical96mm x 90mm, standard PC/104 size
Conformal CoatingOn request
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40°C to +85°C
Temperature range (storage): -40°C to +85°C
Humidity95% noncondensing

Ordering Details

BoardADG078 PCIe/104 to Quad Mini PCIe Adapter top stacking model
ADG080 PCIe/104 to Quad Mini PCIe Adapter bottom stacking model