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Kontron MOPSlcdLX - PC/104 with AMD Geode™ LX800 (EOL)

Up to 1GB DDR SDRAM, 5V Powered, 1x 10/100 LAN & USB2


The MOPSlcdLX (Minimized Open PC System) with its 500 MHz AMD™ LX800 processor offers high reliability and performance at low power consumption - only passive cooling if at all - no moving parts. The PC/104-Plus™ (ISA & PCI signals) enables applications with wide choice ISA I/O or high PCI I/O performance requirements.

The MOPSlcdLX is a high integrated CPU board which includes in addition to the standard interfaces a PCI graphic, a 10/100 MBit Ethernet and 2x USB interfaces. A watchdog timer and a realtime clock are standard. The SO-DIMM socket enables this board to be equipped with up to 1 GByte of DDR-RAM.

The lower socket is used as JILI (LVDS) interface for connecting LCD flatpanels. The on chip Graphics+ Controller supports CRT & TFT. A Kontron chipDISK (IDE compatible flash disk) with capacity up to 1GB can be plugged directly onto the 2.5" harddisk interface. All MOPS PC/104 boards are Plug&Work compatible, which considerably reduces the time to market. All MOPS PC/104 provide the same pinout for keyboard,COM1 and COM2,44pin IDE, 2xUSB, LPT as well as LAN. This is the common MOPS-family feature, which eases the upgradeability enormously within the Kontron MOPS PC/104-products.



CPU SpecAMD 500MHz AMD LX800™ processor
CPU speed changable via BIOS to following speeds:

Fanless operation as standard
Comes fitted with a low profile heatsink (which sits lower than the PC/104 stack)
Security block with AES 128 ECB/CBC hardware encryption/decryption
MemoryUp to 1GByte DDR-SDRAM, 200pin DDR-SO-DIMM module
Memory socket on the underside of PCB
Supports DDR memory speeds: 200, 266, 333 & 400MHz
GraphicsOnchip Graphics VRAM for high speed LCD/CRT
Supports up to 1600x1200 at 32bit colour
JILI flat panel interface
Panel / CRT support
Video memory shared with system memory (set in BIOS, from 8MB to 254MB)
Network10/100Base-T Ethernet Interface
Intel 82551ER Controller
Supports Intel PXE network boot
Storage1 x EIDE Interface, 44 pin header, UDMA-33
Floppy Interface
Expandable with Kontron chipDISK, IDE flashdisk 1GB in size
Compatible with Kontron CF-CARD-Adapter, Compact Flash carrier which mounts directly to PC/104 board
ExpansionPC/104 ISA (full 16 Bit I/O and memory support)
PC/104+ PCI (option on -5 version)
USB2 x USB 2.0 with legacy support
Serial2 (16550 comp.) serial ports
Other1x Printer Interface (SPP/EPP/ECP
1x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Controller
Watchdog Timer
Power Fail Detect
Real-time Clock
Standard PC/104 interface
BIOSAWARD, 512 kb Flash BIOS


Electrical5V only required
Power consumption tests done with 256MB DDR memory, 128MB chipDISK under MS-DOS:
• 200MHz - 0.8A (4W)
• 333MHz - 0.9A (4.5W)
• 400MHz - 0.94A (4.7W)
• 433MHz - 0.96A (4.8W)
• 500MHz - 1.0A (5.0W)
Mechanical96 x 90 mm (3.77" x 3.55")
Height on top approx. 11.5 mm
Height on bottom approx. 10.5 mm
Conformal CoatingN/A
SoftwareWindows XP
Windows XP Embedded
Windows CE 6.0
TemperatureTemperature range (operation, standard): 0 to +60°C
Temperature range (operation, extended): -25°C to +75°
Temperature range (storage): -10° to 85°C
Humidity(operation) 10% - 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
(storage) 5% - 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Warranty2 Years
Availability:Last time buy date: 30 August 2015

Ordering Details

BoardThis board was discontinued by Kontron in 2015 - no further stock can be obtained. Part numbers below are for reference only.

Please consider the b-plus PC104Board DX3 as an alternative - it has been designed with MOPSlcdLX customers in mind (the majority of the interfaces have the same connector type, location and pinout).

MOPSlcdLX PC/104 module with low power AMD™ LX800 with 500 MHz, 16Bit ISA I/O and memory support (ISA)

MOPSlcdLX PC/104+ module with low power AMD™ LX800 with 500 MHz, 16Bit ISA I/O and memory support (ISA & PCI)
Accessories97007-2560-00-0 DDR-SODIMM memory module with 256 MByte (0° to 60°C)
97007-5120-00-0 DDR-SODIMM memory module with 512 MByte (0° to 60°C)
97007-1024-00-0 DDR-SODIMM memory module with 1 GByte (0° to 60°C)

40404 CF-CARD-Adapter MOPSlcdLX CF-CARD to IDE (44pin) interface adapter
08001-1000-00-1 1GB chipDISK

96002-0000-00-1 KAB-SBC-SET1
96060-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-KB-PS2 (PS/2 keyboard cable)
96062-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-MOUSE-PS2 (PS/2 mouse cable)
96015-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-DSUB25-1 (parallel cable)
96017-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-DSUB9-2 (serial cable)
96061-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-DSUB9-3 (serial cable)
96001-0000-00-0 Cable ADA-FLOPPY-2 (floppy cable)
96021-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-IDE-2MM (44 to 44 way IDE cable)
96022-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-IDE-1 IDE cable for 40 pin 2.54mm 3.5" harddisk
96054-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-USB-1 (USB cable)
96053-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-VGA-2 (VGA cable)
96048-0000-00-0 Cable KAB-ETN1 (Ethernet cable)
96072-0000-00-0 KAB-ATX-20TO10 (EPIC power cable for ATX power supplies)
96063-0000-00-0 KAB-SOUND-CMP Sound cable for coolmonster
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