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Aitech M706 - Avionic Communications PMC

2 Dual Redundant MIL-STD- 1553 Channels, 16 ARINC-429 Receive ChaInnels, 8 ARINC-429 Transmit Channels, 2 CANbus, and up to 12 UART Ports


The M706 Avionic Communications PMC provides multiple avionics style communication protocols (MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, CANbus, and Serial I/O), all packed into a small single-width PMC form factor specifically designed for harsh environments. It offers a complete and unique solution for applications requiring diverse multiple avionics communication ports, eliminating the need for multiple cards and providing high flexibility for system integrators. The M706 integrates 2 dual redundant MIL-STD- 1553 channels, 16 ARINC-429 receive channels, 8 ARINC-429 transmit channels, 2 CANbus, and up to 12 UART ports.

MIL-STD-1553B ports support BC/RT/MT operation modes, Serial ports support RS-422/RS-232/RS-485
physical layer. 6 of the 12 serial ports can be configured to provide modem hardware flow control (flow
control signals support RS-232 only).

The M706 also features 6 opto-isolated digital discrete input/output channels, which may be used to externally assign a unique RT address to one of the MIL-STD-1553B ports. In additional the M706 provides two special ground/open inputs and two 28V/open outputs.

M706 I/O signals can be routed to either the P4 or front panel connectors, according to the configuration



InterfaceUp to twelve (12) Serial Channels ? Complete UART Operation
• Support for RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Physical Interface
• Up to six (6) Channels are Configurable for Modem Hardware Flow Control (RS-232 only)
OtherUp to two (2) MIL-STD-1553B Dual Redundant Channels
• Full Support for BC/RT/MT Operation Modes
• 64k x 16 Shared DPRAM per Channel

ARINC-429 Channels
• Sixteen (16) ARINC-429 Receive Channels
• Eight (8) ARINC-429 Transmit Channels
• High/Low-Speed Support

Up to ten (10) Opto-isolated GND/OPEN Discrete Input Channels
• Six (6) GND/Open Input/Output
• Two (2) GND/Open Inputs
• Two (2) 28V/Open Outputs
Connector(s)Front or Rear I/O


Expansion32-bit @ 66 MHz PCI operation Compliant with PCI 2.2 Specification
ElectricalTypical total power consumption (highest power configuration): 5.5W
+5V @ 0.4A
+3.3V @ 0.6A
+12V @ 0.06A *
-12V @ 0.06A *
* ±12V is used for ARINC-429 only. M706 configurations that do not provide ARINC-429 I/O do not require a ±12 V supply.
MechanicalAir-cooled per IEEE 1386-2001 for installation on commercial and rugged air-cooled carrier boards
Conduction-cooled per ANSI/VITA20-2001 for installation on IEEE 1101.2 conduction-cooled carrier boards
Conformal CoatingConformal coating on request
SoftwareMicrosoft Windows™
Linux ®
WindRiver VxWorks ®
Green Hills INTEGRITY ®
TemperatureSeries-100 Commercial
• Temperature range (operation): 0 to +55C
• Temperature range (storage): -40 to +85C

Series-200 Rugged
• Temperature range (operation): -40 to +71C
• Temperature range (storage): -50 to +100C

Series-400 Military
• Temperature range (operation): -55 to +85C
• Temperature range (storage): -62 to +125C

Ruggedization level is determined in the part numbering scheme - refer to datasheet for further details
HumiditySeries-100 Commercial: 0-90%
Series-200 Rugged, Series-400 Military: 0-95% or 0 to 100% with coating
AltitudeSeries-100 Commercial: 15,000ft
Series-200 Rugged, Series-400 Military: 70,000ft
VibrationSeries-100 Commercial
• Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.02 g2/Hz
• Sine (g PEAK): 10-100Hz/2g

Series-200 Rugged
• Conduction-cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.1 g2/Hz
• Conduction-cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/10g
• Air-Cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.04 g2/Hz
• Air-Cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 10-100Hz/2g

Series-400 Military
• Conduction-cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.1 g2/Hz
• Conduction-cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/10g
• Air-Cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.04 g2/Hz
• Air-Cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/5.5g
ShockSeries-100 Commercial: 20g/6mS
Series-200 Rugged: Conduction-cooled: 40g/11ms, 100g/6ms
Series-200 Rugged: Air-Cooled: 30g/11ms, 75g/6ms
Series-400 Military: Conduction-cooled: 40g/11ms, 100g/6ms
Series-400 Military: Air-Cooled: 30g/11ms, 75g/6mS
Warranty1 Year

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BoardRefer to datasheet for ordering part number scheme