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Contec COM-8C-PE - 8Ch RS-232C Serial I/O Board for PCI Express

Adds 8 RS-232 Ports to a PC via Standard PCI Express Slot


Contec COM-8C-PE is a PCI Express bus-supported board designed for extending RS-232C compatible serial communication functionality on your PC. It has 8ch RS-232C-standard serial ports. With a 128byte built-in FIFO buffer for transmission and reception of each channel, the product supports a baud rate of up to 921,600bps. Up to 16 boards can be mounted on a single PC and the range COM1 - COM256 can be set. It also comes with a Windows/Linux driver, which allows boards to be used as OS-standard COM ports.

  • It has 8ch RS-232C-standard serial ports. Baud rates from 2 to 921,600bps can be set for each port. When using the bundled [Standard COM Driver Software] and [Driver library API-PAC(W32)], baud rates from 15 to 921,600bps can be set.
  • Comes with a driver software that allows the boards to be used under Windows / Linux in the same way as COM ports on the PC. Under Windows, the product supports the OS-standard Win32 API communication function as well as Visual Basic MSComm. Under Linux, OS-standard tty driver`s standard-function can be used. In addition, supplies a diagnostic program to confirm hardware operation and to perform a communication test with equipment.
  • Up to 16 boards can be mounted on a single PC. COM1 - COM256 can be set using the device manager.
  • Employed a buffer memory 128-byte dedicated to transmission and 128-byte for each channel. These are FIFO format, useful for high speed communications and to reduce the load to the CPU when transmitting/receiving. As the device manager can be used to enable/disable the use of FIFO and set the FIFO trigger size, this permits operation to be adjusted to achiere optinal performance for your system.
  • It prepares 8 channel distribution cable (PCE37/9PS, PCE37/25PS) and 37 pin D-SUB connectors (a male type or a female type) for my own cables with an option.



Interface8 ports
Fixed RS-232 protocol
I/O Addresses: Assigned by Plug and Play resources
UART: 162850 or equivalent - 128-byte receive and 128-byte transmit FIFO buffers
Data RatesRS-232: 2 bps to 921.6 Kbps
Address/IRQAssigned by Plug and Play resources
OtherData length: 5, 6, 7 or 8 data bits. 1, 1.5 or 2 stop bits
Parity check: Even, Odd or Non-parity
Connecting distance: 15m (typical, depends on baud rate used)
Connector(s)78-pin D-SUB, female connector DV11603G4 (mfd. By FOXCONN) equivalent
DB 78 to DB9 and DB25 cable options


ExpansionPCI Express Base Specification Rev. 1.0a x 1
Electrical+3.3V DC @ 500mA (max)
Mechanical121.69(L) x 110.18(H) mm
SoftwareWindows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 C to 50°C
Humidity10 - 90% RH (No condensation)
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

COM-8C-PE 8Ch RS-232C Serial I/O board for PCI Express
AccessoriesPCE78/25PS Divider Cable for RS-232C 8ch (78P ->25P x8)
PCE78/9PS Divider Cable for RS-232C 8ch (78P -> 9P x8)