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Innodisk M.2 (P80) 3ME2 - Industrial M.2 NVME MLC SSD

Up to 512GB Capacities, up to 1300MB/s Read, up to 490MB/s Write


Innodisk M.2 (P80) 3ME2 is an NVM Express DRAM-less SSD designed as the standard M.2 form factor with PCIe interface and MLC NAND Flash. M.2 (P80) 3ME2 supports PCIe Gen III x2, and it is compliant with NVM 1.3 providing excellent performance. Moreover, it adopts MLC NAND Flash providing high endurance and reliability. With sophisticated error detection and correction (ECC) functions, the module can ensure full End-to-end Data Path Protection that secures the data transmission between host system and NAND Flash.

Innodisk M.2 (P80) 3ME2 is integrated with Marvell controller which provide both low power consumption and efficient heat dissipation, making the SSD optimal for space-constrained IPCs and server boot-up applications.


Storage Specification

Model InfoM.2 (P80) 3ME2
Flash TypeMLC
InterfacePCIe Gen. III x2
Connector Standard M.2 connection
Capacity32GB to 512GB
PerformanceSequential R/W (MB/sec, max.): 1300/490
Thermal SensorYes
DRAM BufferNo
Data SecurityNot supported


Electrical3.72W (3.3 x 1130mA)
Mechanical22.0 x 80.0 x 3.5 mm
Conformal CoatingFactory option - contact us for details
SoftwareCompliant with NVMe 1.3. Most current operating systems have inbox support.
Refer to for details
TemperatureOperating: Standard Grade: 0 to +70°C
Operating: Industrial Grade: -40 to +85°C
Storage: -55 to +95°C
MTBF>3 million hours
Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

BoardM.2 (P80) 3ME2 (Standard Grade, 0 to 70°C)
DEM28-32GM61BCADC 32GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash
DEM28-64GM61BCAQC 64GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash
DEM28-A28M61BCAQC 128GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash
DEM28-B56M61BCAQC 256GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash
DEM28-C12M61BCAQC 512GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash

M.2 (P80) 3ME2 (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 to +85°C)
DEM28-32GM61BWADC 32GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash
DEM28-64GM61BWAQC 64GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash
DEM28-A28M61BWAQC 128GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash
DEM28-B56M61BWAQC 256GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash
DEM28-C12M61BWAQC 256GB M.2 P80 3ME2, MLC flash

Add P suffix for model with iCell function