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Aitech C876 - Intel Xeon D 3U VPX SBC

Up to 16 GB (ECC) DDR3L RAM, XMC Slot, 2 x 10GBe, 4x GbE


Aitech’s C876 is the latest in their series of high-performance 3U VPX SBCs for embedded and harsh environment systems applications, featuring an Intel Xeon D 1500 family multi-core processor. The heart of the C876 is Intel's Xeon D (formerly Broadwell DE) Silicon on Chip (SoC) platform with up to 12 cores. Along with the latest generation of Intel Xeon D processor, the C876 features a wide variety of onboard I/O, including 10Gb Ethernet, graphics, RS 232/422 serial and USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports and other onboard feature enhancements to round off this leading-edge SBC and Xeon-powered, integrated subsystems.

The onboard SMI750 graphics controller supports VGA graphics and general console video processing. Coupled with other Aitech VPX or XMC-based Video Capture and Graphics products, NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1/TX2 3U VPX GPGPU boards, NVIDIA® Maxwell and Pascal architecture GPUs and powered systems enclosures, incredibly powerful, leading-edge, enhanced video image processing and graphics subsystems can be created.

The C876 integrates the fastest, large onboard SDRAM (DDR4-2133) and mass storage (SATA III Flash disk) resources, and provides a variety of popular I/O interfaces to meet a wide range of system requirements. Expandability and further flexibility are provided by an industry standard XMC slot.

The C876 mechanical and electrical designs guarantee operation over the full range of rugged application environments and is available in industry standard conduction-cooled (with conformal coating) and air-cooled 3U VPX form factors.

The air-cooled, Series 100 version is 100% software compatible with the conduction-cooled versions making it ideal for lower cost lab use software development assembly. A Rear I/O Transition Module (RTM) is also available for Series 100 cards along with air-cooled lab chassis with popular RTOS BSPs and drivers to speed your application software development tasks.



CPU SpecIntel® Xeon D-1500 series – 4, 8, and 12 Core with Integrated Graphics, 18 MB Cache, 1.5 GHz
ChipsetIntel Xeon D-1559, -1539 or -1519
MemoryUp to 16 GB of DDR4-2133 SDRAM in dual banks with ECC operating at 2133 MT/s
Display1x VGA Graphics Output
Network2x 10GBase-KR (all versions)
2x Gigabit Ethernet – 1000Base-BX (on non-XMC version only)
2x Gigabit Ethernet – 1000Base-T (on non-XMC variant only. XMC version only has one port)
StorageUp to 64 GB SATA III Flash Disk, using SLC (Single Level Cell) Flash memory
SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s):
• Two channels on non-XMC version
• One channel on XMC version
USB2x USB 3.0 (all versions)
1x USB 2.0 (all versions)
Serial1x RS-232 Serial Port (on XMC version only)
1x RS-232/422/485 Serial Port (all versions)
OtherDiscrete I/O Lines (via GPIO Exp. Module, 5V tolerant): 8 (on non-XMC version only)
CommonBoard Resources:
• Watchdog Timers
• Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
• Temperature Sensors
• Real Time Clock
• Dual redundant BIOS
BIOSBoot Flash: Dual BIOS Flash devices (Primary device for normal board operation, Alternate device for back-up and maintenance)


ExpansionVPX bus: ANSI/VITA 46.x, VITA 65, VITA 47, VITA 48
OpenVPX Slot Profiles:
• Module Profile: MOD3-PAY-2F2T-16.2.5-3
• Slot Profile: SLT3-PAY-2F2T-14.2.5
XMC I/O: Diff Pairs + SE (routed per VITA 46.9): X8d+X12d
ElectricalThe C874 takes all its power from the VPX backplane. It should be provided with +5.0V, +3.3 V, +12V and ±12V_AUX as defined by the VPX specification
19W consumption typical, 52W maximum (depends on CPU variant)
MechanicalAir-cooled: per ANSI/VITA 48.1, 1” pitch
Conduction-cooled: per ANSI/VITA 48.2, 0.8” or 1.0” pitch
Conduction-cooled 2LM: per ANSI/VITA 48.2, 0.85” pitch
All mechanical formats are single slot 3U modules
Conformal CoatingAs standard on all but commercial version Acrylic (Silicone or Urethane are Optional)
SoftwareMicrosoft Windows®
RedHat Linux®
WindRiver VxWorks®
Support for other operating systems may be available upon request
TemperatureAir-Cooled Commercial
• Temperature range (operation): 0 to +55C
• Temperature range (storage): -40 to +85C

Air-Cooled Rugged
• Temperature range (operation): -40 to +75C
• Temperature range (storage): -55 to +125C

Air-Cooled Military
• Temperature range (operation): -40 to +85C
• Temperature range (storage): -55 to +125C

Conduction-Cooled Rugged
• Temperature range (operation): -40 to +70C
• Temperature range (storage): -50 to +100C

Conduction-Cooled Military
• Temperature range (operation): -40 to +85C
• Temperature range (storage): -55 to +125C

Ruggedization level is determined in the part numbering scheme - refer to datasheet for further details
HumidityCommercial: 0-90%
Rugged/Military: 0 to 100% (coated)
WeightAir-cooled: <400 g (0.88 lbs)
Conduction-cooled: < 860 g (1.90 lbs)
Conduction-cooled 2LM: <930 g (2.05 lbs)
AltitudeCommercial: 15,000ft
Rugged: 35,000ft
Military: 70,000ft
VibrationAir-Cooled Commercial: V1
Air-Cooled Rugged/Military: V2
Conduction-Cooled Rugged/Military: V3
ShockAir-Cooled: OS1
Conduction-Cooled: OS2
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

BoardRefer to datasheet for ordering part number scheme

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