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Contec's M2M/IoT CONPROSYS PAC Series

Contec's M2M/IoT CONPROSYS PAC Series
Key Features
Integrated software solution for CONPROSYS
No low level programming necessary
Local server data collection or cloud based setup
Simple GUI for monitoring
Local task function allows automation
Local server data collection or cloud based setup
Linux API for customers with specific requirements


Contec's M2M/IoT CONPROSYS PAC Series


In recent years, manufacturing companies have shifted their attention to new investments aimed at functionality enhancements and optimisations in manufacturing factories and overall supply chains in order to strengthen their presence amid internationalising business environments. With this background, the companies have been caught in the tide of "Industry 4.0" developed in Germany and the global "IoT" (the Internet of Things), which has led to an increase in attempts to use open platforms and programming environments that do not depend on a specific manufacturer as well as field networks that do not depend on a specific communication standard.

To meet these needs, Contec has developed the "CONPROSYS PAC Series (Programmable Automation Controller)," a new-generation industrial controller that supports global-standard programming environments and communication standards. 

Global standard, IEC 61131-3-compliant CODESYS PLC programming system

The PAC series is equipped with the PLC engine "CODESYS," which continues to be used more and more commonly in the global market. Applications can be developed in programming languages that comply with international standards (IEC 61131-3) such as ladder programming, SFC, and function blocks.

Integrated development environment provided free of charge

An integrated development environment for developing applications is provided free of charge. This makes it possible to seamlessly perform all the required development such as control logic and field bus I/O

  • Supported integrated developing environment: V3.5 SP7 Patch 2 or later.
  • Supported languages: LD/SFC/FBD/ST/IL/CFC.

The host server can be an on-premises data collection server (for which Contec offers free software) or in the cloud (either via your own web service or by a 3rd party, which requires a subscription).

Equipped with Fieldbus and master functions to support EtherCAT/Modbus

The CONPROSYS PAC series is equipped with an open-field network EtherCAT/Modbus master function. In the CODESYS integrated development environment, Fieldbus I/O can be directly assigned to variables in the same manner as the built-in I/O and the stack I/O.

SCADA/MES/ERP linking and built-in OPC-UA server

OPC-UA is essential for the M2M communication of the future. The device has a built-in server function. This enables the safe and stable exchange of data with SCADA software and MES/ERP systems.

Built-in web monitoring and editor functions

The controller has a built-in web server function and tools for creating screens for use on the web. This makes it possible to easily view equipment information without using a cloud server or a similar device.

Product List

Configurable Type

CONPROSYS Configurable Type
EtherCAT model    CPS-PCS341EC-DS1-1201
Modbus model  CPS-PCS341MB-DS1-1201

Integrated Type

CONPROSYS Integrated Type
EtherCAT model   CPS-PC341EC-1-9201
Modbus model   CPS-PC341MB-ADSC1-9201



SoftwareCODESYS supporting functions:
• Version: V3.5 SP7 Patch2 or higher
• Language: LD, SFC, FBD, ST, IL, CFC
• Field bus: EtherCAT Master, Modbus TCP Slave
• Communication protocol: OPC-UA Server

Program size
• ROM size: 1MB
• Maximum steps: 250K steps

CPU basic performance:
• Basic instruction execution speed (LD): 1.6ns
• Application instruction execution speed (ST): 5.8ns
• Scan time: 74microseconds (20000 steps)

EtherCAT performance
• Input processing time (LD): 144ns
• Output processing time (ST): 138ns
• Scan time: 166 microseconds (64 inputs and 64 outputs)
Warranty1 Year

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