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B&B SPECTRE RT Industrial Router - Industrial Ethernet to Ethernet Router

Industrial grade, 10/100 Ports, DIN Rail Ethernet Router


The SPECTRE RT industrial wired Ethernet router connects Ethernet equipment in tough environments where office-grade equipment can’t handle the job.  With Ethernet, USB, I/O and auxiliary ports it’s a flexible device with the built-in ability to handle multiple data communications protocols and to fit into virtually any network topology.

  • VPN security
  • Firewall support
  • NAT/PAT address & port translation
  • SNMP management
  • Wide temperature range -40 to 75°C
  • Complies with NEMA TS1 & TS2 Environmental requirements for Traffic Control equipment


Main Specification

• DHCP – automatic IP addressing in LAN network
• NAT – IP address and ports translation between inside/outside network
• Firewall: filtering of addresses, ports, protocols
• VRRP – virtual backup router function
• DynDNS client – access to the router with a dynamic IP address
• VLAN 802.11Q: virtual LAN
• QoS: quality of service
• Dial-in – Communicate via CSD call
• NTP client, NTP Server: time synchronization
• PPPoE Bridge – PPP frames encapsulation inside ETH frames
VPN Tunneling
• IPsec, OpenVPN, L2TP – secure encrypted tunnels
• GRE tunnel – simple tunnel without security measures

Configuration and Diagnostics
• HTTP server – configuration via web server
• Telnet – configuration and access to the file system
• SNMP – router diagnostics, communication with I/O and M-BUS
• Remote router group configuration change, switching among configuration profiles
• SSH – encrypted configuration and access to the file system
Additional Functions
• Linux based: program your own applications
• AT commands on RS232, Ethernet and I/O
• M-RAM memory inside – router statistic saved into memory
Interface(s)Ethernet: 10/100 Mb
USB: USB Type A Host
Binary I/O: 1 input/1 output
Port Options:
• Port 1: Ethernet 10/100, RS-232, RS-422/485, Modbus, CNT (I/O)
• Port 2 RS-232, RS-422/485, Modbus, CNT (I/O)
• 4 Binary inputs, 1 Binary output (2 inputs maybe configured as counters)
• 2 Analog inputs, I Binary output


ElectricalSource: 10 – 30 VDC
Consumption: Max. 200 mA (12 VDC)
MechanicalDimensions: 11.4 x 9.5 x 4.2 cm (4.49 x 3.74 x 1.65 in)
Enclosure: Metal
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40 to 75°C
Temperature range (storage): -40 to +85°C
Weight150 g
VibrationIEC60068-2-6, Vibration 10-500Hz, 4G, 3 axes
ShockIEC60068-2-27, Shock 50G peak, 11ms, 3 axes
Safety/CertificationCE, FCC, NEMA TS2
EN 301 511, v9.0.2
EN 301 908-1&2, v3.2.1
ETSI EN 301 489-1 V1.8.1
EN 60950-1:06 ed.2 + A11:09 + A1:10

Ordering Details

Base Wired Router; 2-10/100 Ethernet Ports, Binary I/O Port, USB Host port, DIN Mounting Assembly

Base Wired Router; 2-10/100 Ethernet Ports, Binary I/O Port, USB Host port, RS-232 Port, DIN Mounting Assembly