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DSC Universal Driver 7.0 - API for all Diamond Systems' I/O Cards

Lexible C-Language Programming Support for All Features on Diamond Systems' Data Acquisition Modules

DSC Universal Driver 7.0 -  API for all Diamond Systems' I/O Cards
Key Features
Windows 7 and Linux compatibility
Supports all DSC I/O cards
Flexible C-language programming support
Supports multiple boards
Graphical control panel
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Universal Driver provides unmatched power and flexibility for embedded data acquisition programming with PC/104 and small form factor I/O boards. And now version 7.0 provides enhanced features to make using our I/O boards easier than ever. Universal Driver 7.0 includes these new features:

  • Windows 7 and Linux compatibility
  • Support for Diamond’s newest SBCs and I/O boards, including PCIe MiniCards
  • Installer program for easy detection and configuration of boards
  • Graphical control panel software runs on Windows and Linux for instant, easy control of all I/O features

Universal Driver 7.0 provides flexible C-language programming support for all features on Diamond Systems' data acquisition modules, including single-board computers with integrated data acquisition. Support is included for running multiple boards at once, even multiple boards of the same type. 7.0 includes an installer for Windows to make installation and board resource configuration easier than ever.

Universal Driver 7.0 includes a package of ready to run demo programs for each board. These programs illustrate how to use the driver to perform the most popular data acquisition tasks. Ready-to-run executables, along with source code and makefiles, are provided to simplify your programming effort.

Boards with autocalibration benefit from Universal Driver 7.0's built-in functions to control the calibration process, ensuring accurate measurements at all times in your application. 

Graphical Control Panel Software

Universal Driver 7.0 includes graphical control panels for all of Diamond Systems' newest SBC and I/O boards, including Vega COM-based SBC and their PCIe MiniCards. These control panels offer quick and easy access to all I/O features on the boards, enabling you to get an instant verification of your system's operational status as well as to start prototype your real world application.

Supported Products

I/O Boards:

Diamond-MM Analog I/O Module
Diamond-MM-16-AT Analog I/O Module
Diamond-MM-32DX-AT Analog I/O Module
Emerald-MM-8P 8-Port Serial Module
Emerald-MM-Opto 4-Port Opto Serial Module
GPIO-MM Digital I/O Module
GPIO-MM-12 Digital I/O Module
GPIO-MM-21 Digital I/O Module
IR104-PBF Opto In & Relay Out Module
Mercator II LAN & DIO Module
Onyx-MM Digital I/O Module
Onyx-MM-DIO Digital I/O Module
Opal-MM-1616 Opto In + Relay Out Module
Pearl-MM Relay Output Module
Ruby-MM-412/812/1612 Analog Output Module
Ruby-MM-416 Analog Output Module
FP-DAQ1616 Analog I/O Module
FP-GPIO96 Digital I/O Module
P104-DAQ1616 Analog I/O Module
P104-GPIO96 Digital I/O Module
DS-MPE-GPIO Digital I/O Module
DS-MPE-DAQ0804 Analog I/O Module

CPU Boards with integrated data aquisition

Aries PC/104-Plus SBC
Athena III PC/104 SBC
Helios PC/104 SBC
Hercules III SBC
Neptune SBC
Vega SBC

Operating System and/or Compiler Not Supported?

Please contact us and we will ask Diamond Systems for guidance. Alternatively, full register definitions are available for all of their products (older products have this information in their user manual, for newer products this information is available on request)



FeaturesThis list provide a representative sample of the functions available with Universal Driver 7.0. The exact list of supported features for each board depends on that board’s available features. Check your board's Universal Driver User manual for details.

Analog input, single channel
Analog input, multi-channel scan
Analog input, high speed single/multi-channel with interrupts
Analog input, high speed multi-channel scans with interrupts

Analog output single channel
Analog output, multi-channel with simultaneous update
Analog waveform generator, multi-channel

Digital I/O, bit/byte functions
Counter rate generator
Counting functions
Counter-driven interrupts
Pulse width modulator


SoftwareWindows XP / XP embedded, 32-bit
Linux kernels 2.6 and 3.2, 32-bit
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

BoardAvailable on request from the Diamond Systems website