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Diamond Systems Athena III - PC/104 with Intel Atom CPU & DAQ

1.6GHz / 1GHz CPU, 1GB DDR soldered, 5V Powered, 1x 1GigE & USB2

Diamond Systems Athena III -  PC/104 with Intel Atom CPU & DAQ
Key Features
PC/104 with Intel Atom E-Series CPU & DAQ
1GHz or 1.6GHz Intel Atom E-Series CPU
1GB soldered DDR3 memory (2GB with MOQ)
1 GigE, 1 SATA, 4 USB2, 4 COM
16 16-bit analog inputs, 4 12-bit analog outputs
24 digital I/O lines, 1 counter/timer
VGA, LVDS video
-40°C to +85°C


Athena III combines a full-featured wide temperature SBC with a professional quality data acquisition circuit, all on a compact board with PC/104 I/O expansion. This 2-in-1 design reduces the size and weight of your embedded system, while also helping to simplify manufacturing logistics such as purchasing, warehousing, and assembly. As a third generation product, Athena III demonstrates Diamond's support for long-lifecycle applications. It offers the latest processor and I/O technologies for new applications, while remaining backwards compatible with prior models to extend existing product lifetimes.

Athena III offers some of the highest feature density available in a compact SBC with rugged, wide-temperature, shock and vibration qualified operation. Its combination of size, weight, performance, and power consumption is an ideal fit for applications that require solid performance and a comprehensive range of I/O, without the burden of high cost or power consumption.

The Athena III SBC provides an ideal solution for applications requiring ruggedness.

Its many rugged features include:

  • Soldered memory for increased immunity to shock and vibration
  • -40ºC to +85ºC operating temperature fully tested
  • MIL-STD-202-G shock and vibration qualification (test report available)
  • Thicker PCB (.093" / 2.4mm) increases rigidity and enhances long-term reliability in high vibration environments
  • 2-in-1 SBC + data acquisition reduces size and weight and eliminates bus connectors and spacers for a more rugged solution

Athena III includes a complete set of standard I/O features:

  • 4 serial ports with RS-232/422/485 protocol support, configurable via BIOS (2 ports have 128-byte FIFOs and 460.8Kbps max data rate)
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • Additional USB port for bolt-on solid state flash up to 8GB
  • SATA port for external mass storage
  • Parallel port for legacy applications
  • PS/2 keyboard / mouse ports
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port with 10/100/1000Mbps compatibility
  • VGA and LVDS LCD output with dual independent display capability
  • 24 digital I/O lines

Athena III Development Kit

Diamond Systems offers the Athena III SBC in a development kit including a full set of accessories plus your choice of Windows 7 or Linux operating system, ready to run on an 8GB solid state flashdisk. Simply plug in the flashdisk, attach the included cables, add your keyboard, mouse, and display, connect the included AC adapter, and you're ready to boot into a fully functional OS. Configuration files and instructions are provided to rebuild the OS with your application. The Linux kit includes all the tools needed to rebuild the OS. The Windows 7 kit includes a runtime license. Developer tools are required to rebuild the Windows 7 OS.

Linux and Windows Embedded Standard 7 Software Development Kits are also available for Athena III. The Athena III Linux Kit (SDK-ATHE-A-LNX) contains an 8GB flashdisk with a bootable linux image pre-loaded, a software CD with the linux tool chain and a backup image, and documentation. The Athena III Windows Embedded Standard 7 Kit (SDK-ATHE-A-WE7) contains an 8GB flashdisk with a bootable Windows Embedded Standard 7 image pre-loaded, a software CD with a backup image, and documentation.

Athena III Cable Kit (C-ATHE-KIT)

A cable kit is available that includes cables for almost all I/O features of Athena III. LCD cables are available for purchase separately and may require customization depending on your display. Many cables are also available individually for applications that need only a few.

Mass Storage

Athena III offers two methods for mass storage. A SATA connector enables the use of popular solid state drives, which can be mounted directly on the PC/104 stack using Diamond's ACC-HDDMOUNT disk mounting accessory board. In addition the board supports solid state wide-temperature flashdisks based on rugged SLC technology in up to 8GB capacity. These flashdisks bolt directly onto the Athena III SBC and communicate over a dedicated USB 2.0 port. Click here to learn more about our USB flashdisks.

Athena I/II Compatibility

The Athena III is the same physical size & shares identical connector locations/pinouts to the earlier Athena I/II products except for the following features:

  • No IDE header - either use external SATA storage or use onboard USB flash disk header
  • Ethernet connector has changed (due to a change to Gigabit Ethernet, which requires more pins)
  • Power input connector has changed
  • Backlight connector has changed

The Athena III has Identical data acquisition circuitry to the Athena II product.



CPU SpecChoice of:
• Intel Atom E640T (1.0GHz), 3.6 W TDP, 1 core, 2 threads, 512 KB L2
• Intel Atom E680T (1.6GHz), 4.5 W TDP, 1 core, 2 threads, 512 KB L2
Supplied fitted with heatsink (operates fanless) - heatsink is low profile (matches height of PC/104 stack)
Memory1GB on-board DDR2 SDRAM, soldered (2GB special order)
GraphicsVGA CRT and LVDS LCD outputs
• VGA up to 1600x1200
• LVDS up to 1280x768
8/16/32MB shared with system memory
24-bit dual-channel LVDS
Integrated graphics
Network1 x 10/100/1000Mbps, Intel 82574IT MAC/PHY
Note for Athena I/II upgraders - due to the change to Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet connector is different to Athena I/II
Storage1 x SATA pin header
Solid state USB module, up to 8GB, mounts on board
Note for Athena I/II upgraders - no IDE header
USB4 x USB 2.0 ports
Serial4 RS-232/422/485
• Ports 1/2 Up to 115.2kbps, 16-byte FIFO, 16C450 compatible
• Ports 3/4 Up to 460.8kbps, 128-byte FIFO, 16C2850 UART
AudioHD Audio
OtherReal-time clock On-board RTC with lithium backup battery
PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse
Watchdog timer

Analog Inputs

Number Of Outputs16 single-ended or 8 differential, user selectable
Resolution16 bits
Range+/-10V, +/-5V, +/-2.5V, +/-1.25V, 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-2.5V, 0-1.25V
Max Sample Rate200KHz maximum
Overvoltage Protection±35V on any analog input without damage
Input Impedance10^13 ohms
Accuracy±3LSB, no missing codes
On-board FIFO512 samples, programmable threshold
CalibrationAutocalibration with software support

Analog Outputs

Number Of Outputs4, 12-bit resolution
Resolution12-bit resolution
Range+/-10V, +/-5V, 0-10V, 0-5V
Settling time6?S max to 0.01%
Relative accuracy±1 LSB
Nonlinearity±1 LSB, monotonic

Digital I/O/Counter/Timers

I/Os24 programmable lines
InputsInput voltage
• Logic 0 : 0.0V min, 0.8V max
• Logic 1 : 2.0V min, 5.0V max
Input current: ±1?A max
OutputsOutput voltage
• Logic 0 : 0.0V min, 0.33V max
• Logic 1 : 2.4V min, 5.0V max
Output current
• Logic 0 : 64mA max per line
• Logic 1 : -15mA max per line
Counter/Timer(s)A/D Pacer clock: 32-bit down counter
Clock source: 10MHz on-board clock or external signal
General purpose: 16-bit down counter


ExpansionStandard 16 bit PC/104 interface
ElectricalPower Input: +5VDC +/-5%
Power Consumption: 9.4W (ATHE1000A-1G)
MechanicalDimensions: 4.175” x 4.475”, 106mm x 114mm
Conformal CoatingOn request
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows CE.Net
Contact us for others
APIUniversal Driver 7.0
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40ºC to +85ºC (-40ºF to +185ºF)
Temperature range (storage): -40ºC to +85ºC (-40ºF to +185ºF)
Humidity0-90% non-condensing
Weight5.3oz / 150g
VibrationMIL-STD-810E 514.4 compatbile
ShockIEC68-2-27 compatible
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

BoardATHE1000A-1G Athena III SBC, 1GHz Atom E640T CPU, 1GB DRAM, data acquisition
ATHE1000D-1G Athena III SBC, 1GHz Atom E640T CPU, 1GB DRAM, DIO only
ATHE1600A-1G Athena III SBC, 1.6GHz Atom E680T CPU, 1GB DRAM, data acquisition
ATHE1600D-1G Athena III SBC, 1.6GHz Atom E680T CPU, 1GB DRAM, DIO only

ATHE1600A-2G Athena III SBC, 1GHz Atom E680T CPU, 2GB DRAM, data acquisition (minimum order quantity item)
AccessoriesDK-ATHE-A-LNX Athena III Development Kit: ATHE1600A-1G SBC, Cable Kit, SDK-ATHE-A-LNX, AC adapter
DK-ATHE-A-WE7 Athena III Development Kit: ATHE1600A-1G SBC, Cable Kit, SDK-ATHE-A-WE7, AC adapter

C-ATHE-KIT Athena III Cable Kit

SDK-ATHE-A-LNX Athena III Linux Software Development Kit with 8GB USB flashdisk
SDK-ATHE-A-WE7 Athena III Windows Embedded Standard 7 Software Development Kit with 8GB USB flashdisk

FDU-1G-XT 1GB USB Solid State Flashdisk, extended temperature
FDU-2G-XT 2GB USB Solid State Flashdisk, extended temperature
FDU-4G-XT 4GB USB Solid State Flashdisk, extended temperature
FDU-8G-XT 8GB USB Solid State Flashdisk, extended temperature
C-FDU-01 Cable, USB pin header to USB Type A connector
CustomisationNeed storage and/or I/O cards added? Need an operating system or your own software image loaded? We can help with that. We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers who can quickly accomplish this. Please contact us for further details.

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