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Tri-M TCB1000 - PC104 CAN, Serial & Modem Socket Module

Dual CANbus, Five Serial Ports & Two MultiTech Universal Sockets


Tri-M's TCB1000 series is a new and innovative communication board. This high density design integrates CANbus controllers, serial ports, and wired/wireless functionality into a single board solution. The TCB1000 significantly reduces the size, weight, and cost of embedded solutions while increasing performance and functionality for M2M, Telematics, and data logging applications.

Incorporating dual isolated CANbus controllers, two MultiTech compatible universal sockets, four isolated RS-232 serial ports, and one isolated RS-485 serial port the TCB1000 is truly a versatile, all-in-one communication solution. Its integrated design offers system builders unprecedented versatility, allowing them to design with only one board while offering their end users any number of communication configurations. Further improving the solution's flexibility, build options are available for 'lighter' versions which incorporate only the particular features required for more specialized applications.

All Tri-M products are built for outstanding performance and reliability in harsh environments. The same rugged design features are used in the TCB to make it well suited for operating in harsh environments where, temperature, shock and vibration are factors.


  • Integrated Functionality: CANbus, Serial, and COM Ports
  • Reduced Ownership Cost: High Density Communication Board
  • Streamlined Configuration: Reconfigure without Disassembling
  • Increased Protection: System Isolation & Secure Settings



InterfaceRS-232: Ports 4x isolated ports, 921Kbp/s maximum
RS-485: Port 1x isolated port, 921Kbp/s maximum Can be configured as J1708
GSMUniversal Socket Connectivity: 2x Multi-Tech® compatible socketModem® 921Kbp/s Max
CANCAN Bus Controllers: 2x SJA1000, 1Mbp/s max
OtherIsolated LED Ports: 5x program selectable, Built-in limiting resistors
USB/JTAG Port: 1x USB/JTAG port for easy installation setup
Embedded Design: No jumpers required
Aux Port Output Isolation 2500V maximim


ExpansionStandard 16 bit PC/104 interface
8-bit and 16-bit bus stack through headers are installed
Electrical+5V DC ±10%
MechanicalWidth: 90 × 96 × 15mm (3.55 × 3.78 × 0.6")
Conformal CoatingOn request
SoftwareSupport Linux kernels 2.6.25 and later
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Temperature range (storage): -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Humidity5% to 95% noncondensing
Weight52.5g (1.83oz)
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

PC/104, Communications board with 2 isolated CANbus controllers

PC/104, Communications board with 1 isolated RS-485 port, 2 MultiTech Universal Sockets

PC/104, Communications board with 4 isolated RS-232 ports

PC/104, Communications board with 4 isolated RS-232 ports, 1 isolated RS-485 port, 2 isolated CANbus controllers, 2 MultiTech Universal Sockets
-CH Add suffix for Humiseal conformal coating and epoxy (factory installed)
-CS Add suffix for Silicon conformal coating and epoxy (factory installed)
-CU Add suffix for Urethane conformal coating and epoxy (factory installed)