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Aitech S710 - Radiation Tolerant Communications PMC

Provides Three 400Mbps FireWire Ports, 12 RS-422 Input and 12 RS-422 Output Channels and FPGA for Custom Data Interfaces


Aitech’s S710 Communication PMC features RS-422 differential Inputs and RS-422 differential Outputs with onboard FPGA logic to interface to the external spacecraft sensors and devices. The incoming data is parsed and stored in a ring buffer or dual buffer modes with a triple-voted mechanism to mitigate single event upset to the on board memory buffer. The S710 also provides for an IEEE-1394a communications interface with 3 physical ports. The FireWire ports are designed to provide DMA capability to local PCI memory. The S710 is a singlewide conduction-cooled PCI mezzanine card (PMC) with a 33.333 MHz 32-bit PCI interface.



Interface12 RS-422 Input and 12 RS-422 Output Channels can be Configured to NRZ-L, NRZ-M and BiPhase-L Modes
OtherOne (1) IEEE-1394a FireWire OHCI Controller and Three (3) 400Mbps FireWire Ports with Power Management Circuitry
FPGA Control Logic for a Variety of Spacecraft Standard or Custom Data Interfaces
Triple-Voted Algorithm is Provided for Input and Output Data Buffer
Software Configurable Interrupt Capability to Indicate Completion of Pre-defined Tasks
IEEE 1101.2 (Conduction-Cooled) for Both Engineering Unit and Flight Unit
32-bit PCI 2.1 Compliant CompactPCI Interface at 33.333 MHz
Full-Featured 1394 Software Library is Available for VxWorks
S710 Nominal Power Consumption is Less than 3.5 Watts
Level-2 Components per NASA GSFC 311-INST-001A Specification are Available


Expansion32-bit PCI 2.1 compliant cPCI interface at 33.333 MHz
ElectricalS710 typical power consumption is less than 3.5 Watts
• +3.3V (+-5%), 0.51A (typical)
• +5V (±5%), 0.36A (typical)
MechanicalThe S710 is available in a conduction cooled form factor per ANSI/VITA20-2001 for installation on top of an IEEE 1101.2 conduction-cooled carrier boards
All versions are offered in a conduction-cooled form factor per ANSI/VITA 20-2001 standard
Conformal CoatingConformal optional (series 100), standard (series 200/500). Acrylic or Silicone
SoftwareN/A - transparent to operating system
TemperatureSeries-100 Lab Grade EDU
• Temperature range (operation): 0 to +55°C
• Temperature range (storage): -40 to +85°C

Series-200 Qual Unit
• Temperature range (operation): -40 to +71°C
• Temperature range (storage): -50 to +100°C

Series-500 Radiation Tolerant Flight Unit
• Temperature range (operation): -40 to +65°C (space vacuum)
• Temperature range (storage): -62 to +125°C

Ruggedization level is determined in the part numbering scheme - refer to datasheet for further details
HumiditySeries-100 Lab Grade EDU: 0-90%
Series-200 Qual Unit: 0-100% (coating as standard)
Series-500 Radiation Tolerant Flight Unit: 0-100% (coating as standard)
AltitudeSeries-100 Lab Grade EDU: 15,000ft
Series-200 Qual Unit: 70,000ft
Series-500 Radiation Tolerant Flight Unit: 10 to the -4 Torr
VibrationSeries-100 Lab Grade EDU:
• Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.02 g2/Hz
• Sine (g PEAK): 10-100Hz/2g

Series-200 Qual Unit:
• Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.1 g2/Hz
• Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/10g

Series-500 Radiation Tolerant Flight Unit:
• Conduction-cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.1 g2/Hz
• Conduction-cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/10g
ShockSeries-100 Lab Grade EDU: 20g/6mS
Series-200 Qual Unit: 40g/11ms, 100g/6ms
Series-500 Radiation Tolerant Flight Unit: 40g/11ms, 100g/6ms (pyro-shock 875g)
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

BoardRefer to datasheet for ordering part number scheme