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ThingMagic Mercury®xPRESS Platform - Embedded RFID Platform

24-Channel Multi-GNSS Receiver & High Quality Double Ovenized Oscillator


The Mercury xPRESS Platform includes hardware, software and documentation to enable rapid development of low cost, high performance application specific RFID readers and embedded solutions based on the ThingMagic® Mercury6e Series of UHF RFID Modules. The platform combines ThingMagic’s embedded RFID technology with a microcontroller and wide range of transport interfaces. This hardware platform is supported by an SDK built on the ThingMagic Mercury C API. To support ongoing innovation, integrated development tools, device drivers, and application software will be enhanced with regular future releases that expand capabilities and enable development of a wider range of end products.


RFID Specifications

HardwareMicrocontroller based motherboard with integrated RFID module
Universal AC power adapter
Antenna adapter cable
USB cables (2)
Quickstart Guide: details links to access hardware and software reference design files
SignalingUSB Control/Data Interfaces:
• USB 2.0 Micro-B jack for debugging
• USB OTG Micro-AB jack for control and communication
• USB 2.0 Mini-B jack for direct access to module USB interface

MCU break-out Interfaces:
• 10-pin J-Tag connector for firmware upgrade and debug
• Two 51-pin Hirose DF9 series communication interface connectors
• 40-pin test connector

Power Interfaces:
• Co-axial 5V input jack
• Two-pin Li-ion jack - JST PH2 type
• Three-pin Li-ion jack - JST PH3 type

Standard Accessory Interfaces:
• Two 20-pin xBee connectors for transport interface modules
• Micro-SD card connector (future use)

Push-button Controls:
• On/Off switch
• Reset switch
• User-programmable switch
GPIO Sensors and IndicatorsLED Indicators:
• Power LED (Red)
• Battery Status LED (Green)
• User-programmable LEDs (Blue, Yellow, Green)
• Debug console for error logs and monitoring
• Built on Mercury C API with FreeRTOS
• Uses standard GCC tool chain
• Uses Atmel Software Framework
• Uses standard open source tools
• Supports M6e, Micro and Micro-LTE modules
• Includes sample applications with common use case
OtherOperating System: FreeRTOS
Processor: ATMEL AT91SAM3A8C

Software Development Tools (downloadable):
• Sample applications (Keyboard Wedge sample application is pre-loaded into memory

Hardware Development Tools (downloadable):
• Schmatic diagrams
• Layout files
• Gerber files
• Bills of material
• Component data sheets


Electrical5V powered
Mechanical114.3 mm L x 152.4 mm W x 25.4 mm H (4.5 in L x 6.0 in W x 1 in H)
SoftwareRefer to the ThingMagic Mercury API page for further information
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -20 °C to +60 °C
Temperature range (storage): -540°C to + 85°C
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

BoardXP6e xPRESS development platform with M6e RFID module
XP6e-M xPRESS development platform with Micro RFID module
XP6e-Micro xPRESS development platform with Micro-LTE RFID module
AccessoriesXP-BT xPRESS Platform plug-in Bluetooth interface module (optional)
XP-GPS xPRESS Platform plug-in GPS interface module (optional)
XP-WIFI xPRESS Platform plug-in WiFi interface module (optional)
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