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Contec COM-4PD-PE - Isolated 4Ch RS-422/485 Serial I/O Board for PCI Express

Adds 4 Isolated RS-422/485 Ports to a PC via Standard PCI Express Slot


Contec's COM-4PD-PE is a PCI bus-supported board designed for extending RS-422A/485 compatible serial communication functionality on your PC. It has four RS-422A/485-standard serial ports. Higher noise-resistant models with isolation between channels and between PC and bus line as well as a surge protection circuit for communication ports. With a 128byte built-in FIFO buffer for transmission and reception of each channel, the product supports a baud rate of up to 921,600bps. It also comes with a Windows/Linux driver, which allows boards to be used as OS-standard COM ports.

  • It has four RS-422A/485-standard serial ports. Baud rates from 2 to 921,600bps can be set. When using the bundled [Standard COM Driver Software] and [Driver library API-PAC(W32)], baud rates from 15 to 921,600bps can be set.
  • Comes with a driver software that allows the boards to be used under Windows / Linux in the same way as COM ports on the PC. Under Windows, the product supports the OS-standard Win32 API communication function as well as Visual Basic MSComm. Under Linux, OS-standard tty driver's standard-function can be used. In addition, supplies a diagnostic program to confirm hardware operation and to perform a communication test with equipment.
  • The channels are electrically isolated from each other and from the PC. As isolation is provided between channels as well as isolation of the bus, this prevents electrical noise between channels as well as between the PC and external circuits. As surge protection is provided on all signal lines, you can safely use the boards in environments where you are concerned about surges causing incorrect operation or damage to the PC.
  • Up to 16 boards can be mounted on a single PC. COM1 - COM256 can be set using the device manager.
  • Employed a buffer memory 128-byte dedicated to transmission and 128-byte for each channel. These are FIFO format, useful for high speed communications and to reduce the load to the CPU when transmitting/receiving. As the device manager can be used to enable/disable the use of FIFO and set the FIFO trigger size, this permits operation to be adjusted to achiere optinal performance for your system.



Interface4 ports
RS-422A/RS-485 protocols
I/O Addresses: Assigned by Plug and Play resources
UART: 162850 or equivalent - 128-byte receive and 128-byte transmit FIFO buffers
Data RatesRS-422A/RS-485: 2 bps to 921.6 Kbps
Address/IRQAssigned by Plug and Play resources
OtherData length: 5, 6, 7 or 8 data bits. 1, 1.5 or 2 stop bits
Parity check: Even, Odd or Non-parity
Connecting distance: 1200m (typical, depends on baud rate used)
Isolation: Channel Isolation/Bus Isolation
Isolation voltage:
• Channel Isolation: 1000VDC
• Bus Isolation: 1000VDC
Connector(s)37-pin D-SUB connector, DCLC-J37SAF-20L9E (mfd. by JAE, female) equivalent
DB 37 to DB9 and DB25 cable options


ExpansionPCI Express Base Specification Rev. 1.0a x 1
Electrical+3.3VDC 1600mA (Max.)
Mechanical121.69(L) x 110.18(H) mm
SoftwareWindows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 C to 50°C
Humidity10 - 90% RH (No condensation)
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

COM-4PD-PE 4Ch RS-422/485 Isolated Serial I/O board for PCI Express
AccessoriesPCE37/25PS Divider Shield cable, D-SUB37pin -> 25pin x4 (0.25m)
PCE37/9PS Divider Shield cable, D-SUB37pin -> 9pin x4 (0.25m)