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Connect Tech SMARC/SL - Super Small Carrier Board for SMARC

SMARCpico-Carrier 2 offers a fast start with SMARC™ modules

Connect Tech SMARC/SL - Super Small Carrier Board for SMARC
Key Features
Compact carrier for SMARC modules
Form factor - 100mm x 57.5mm
Compliant with SMARC specification
Power supply 6 - 36 VDC
Operating temperature -40 to +85°C


Connect Tech’s SMARC/SL is a super small SMARC carrier board ideal for your low power application. SMARC/SL has the ability to use both +3.3V and +1.8V SMARC Modules, a single Mini-PCIe/mSATA with External SATA switching, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI Video, and MIPI CSI Camera interface.

SMARC/SL supports an extended temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and offers a very small footprint; ideal for mobile or stationary applications.

SMARC/SL Feature Highlights

  • Super Small Form Factor
  • Feature Packed (HDMI, SATA, 2-Lane MIPI CSI Camera Interface)
  • External SATA/mSATA Switching Circuitry
  • Single Wide Range Input Voltage +6V to +36V DC
  • Extended Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C



Graphics1x HDMI (from SMARC module)
Network1x Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000)
Storage1x mSATA (shared with SATA header, mSATA slot shared with Mini-PCIe)
1x SATA (shared with mSATA)
Only one interface to be used
1x microSD Card
USB2x USB 2.0
Serial1x RS-232
AudioHD Audio: 1x Input, 1x Output
OtherCamera: 2-Lane MIPI CSI Interface


Expansion1x Mini-PCIe slot
Electrical+6V to +36V DC Input
MechanicalDimensions: 100mm x 57.5mm (3.937” x 2.264”)
TemperatureOperating: -40 to +85°C
Storage: -40 to +85°C

Ordering Details

BoardSRG001 SMARC/SL SMARC carrier board

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