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Contec PWI-60D6D2 - Wide Temperature DC-DC On-vehicle Power Supply Unit

Fanless, -20 to +70C Operation,12 to 24V DC input Range


Contec“s PWI-60D6D2 is a compact rugged power supply ideal for use in vehicle applications. Vehicle power is notoriously noisy/spiky and will also drop during engine cranking. The PWI-60D6D2 will take all this in its stride, providing regulated 24V DC to your vehicle computer. Additionally, the unit has a USB/RS-232 port for connection to the vehicle PSU. This makes it possible to power up the unit when the vehicle“s ignition is started and power down safely when the ignition is turned off (i.e. which will stop the PC running and therefore draining the battery whilst the engine is off). Alternatively, the PSU can be set to be on/off irrespective of the ignition status — it's possible to configure the PSU to turn the computer down safely when the battery is low.


Power Supply

Input10.8 to 26.4VDC (12VDC -10% to 24VDC +10%, continuous input)
8 to 28V DC power switch voltage (voltage supplied to turn unit on, supplied on separate pin to main power input, momentary input)
Compulsory shut-down of output voltage will occur when less than minimum output voltage is input for certain period of time.
Input current: 7.5A max (protected by mini blade fuse)
Latching power input connector
Output(s)Rated output voltage 24VDC +-5%
Rated output current 2.5A (Max.)
Two separate four pin latching power output connectors
ManagementUSB/RS-232 port. Software tool available
OtherPermissible momentary blackout: 5.0V 40ms or less / 8.0V 100ms or less
Status LEDs


ElectricalSee above
Mechanical86(W) x155(D) x 44(H) mm (not including connectors)
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -20 to 70°C
Temperature range (storage): -20 to 70°C
HumidityOperating : 10 ~ 85%RH
Storage : 10 ~ 90%RH (no condensation)
WeightApprx. 0.65kg
Warranty1 Year

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BoardPWI-60D6D2 Wide Temperature DC-DC On-vehicle Power Supply Unit