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MEN Mikro BC50F - Box PC for Real-Time Ethernet Fieldbus Applications (AMD)

AMD Embedded G-Series APU, -40 to +85°C Operating


The BC50F is a fanless, maintenance-free box computer that has been designed for real-time Ethernet applications in industrial environments, e.g. for machine control, robotics or vehicles. It offers two real-time Ethernet interfaces implemented using a Hilscher PCI Express® Mini Card.

It is powered by an AMD Embedded G-Series APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), the T48N, running at 1.4 GHz. The G-Series combines low-power CPUs and advanced GPUs, in this case an AMD Radeon™ HD 6310, into a single embedded device.

The use of the Embedded G-Series makes for high scalability in CPU (single/dual core) and graphics performance (various Radeon™ GPUs or none at all). The BC50F is equipped with 2 GB of DDR3 SDRAM andoffers SD card and mSATA slots. 

The system is designed for fanless operation at temperatures from 0 to +60°C, its special aluminum housing with cooling fins serves as a heat sink for the internal electronics and in this way provides conduction cooling.

The BC50F supports up to two DisplayPort® interfaces with a maximum resolution of 2560x1600 each. The DisplayPort® interfaces and all other I/O are available at the unit's front panel on standard connectors like USB, 9-pin D-Sub (optional serial I/O), RJ45 (Gigabit Ethernet) and DisplayPort®.

The BC50F comes with its own integrated 24 VDC nom. (16 to 36 V) power supply.

The combination of the various CPU/GPU options with the available selection of external interfaces (realized via separate graphics and I/O interface boards within the system) makes for an extremely flexible system design that can quickly be tailored to a vast number of applications.

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CPU SpecAMD Embedded G-Series T48N
• Dual-Core
• 1.4 GHz processor core frequency
• 1066 MT/s DDR3 Speed
• Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), also includes GPU (see Graphics)
• 64 KB L1 and 512 KB L2 cache
ChipsetAMD A55E
Memory2 GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory, soldered
GraphicsAMD Radeon™ HD 6310
• Dual independent display support
• Dual DisplayPort®
• Maximum resolution: 2560x1600
• Embedded in T48N APU

3D Graphics Acceleration
• Full DirectX® 11 support, including full speed 32-bit floating point per component operations
• Shader Model 5
• OpenCL™ 1.1 support
• OpenGL® 4.0 support

Motion Video Acceleration
• Dedicated hardware (UVD 3) for H.264, VC-1 and MPEG2 decoding
• HD HQV and SD HQV support: noise removal, detail enhancement, color enhancement, cadence detection, sharpness, and advanced de-interlacing
• Super up-conversion for SD to HD resolutions
Network2x 1Gbit/s Ethernet, via RJ45 connectors
StorageOne SD card slot
• Via USB

One mSATA slot
• SATA Revision 3.x support
• Transfer rates up to 600 MB/s (6 Gbit/s)
USB2x USB 2.0 client port, via M12 connector
Serial1 SA-Adapter slot for serial I/O
Front I/O2 DisplayPort® 1.1a interfaces
• AUX channels and hot plug detection
2 Gigabit Ethernet
• Via RJ45 connectors
2x Real-Time Ethernet via Hilscher CIFX90E PCI Express® Mini Card
• Via RJ45 connectors
2 USB 2.0
• Via Series A connector
1 SA-Adapter slot for serial I/O
• RS232, RS485, RS422, IBIS or GPS possible on both slots
• SGPIO switchable by software
• CAN bus optional
12 LEDs
• 4 for Real-Time Ethernet link and activity status
• 4 for Ethernet link and activity status
• 2 user LEDs
• 1 status LED
• 1 power OK LED
OtherReal-Time Clock: Buffered by Gold Cap for up to 72 h
BIOSInsydeH2O™ UEFI Framework


Expansion1 PCI Express® Mini Card slot for Hilscher Real-Time Ethernet Mini PCI Express® Interface:
• EtherCAT Master, EtherCAT Slave
• EtherNet/IP Scanner (Master), EtherNet/IP Adapter (Slave)
• Open Modbus/TCP
• POWERLINK Controlled Node/Slave
• PROFINET IO-Controller (Master), PROFINET IO-Device (Slave)
• sercos Master, sercos Slave
• VARAN Client (Slave)
ElectricalSupply voltage:
• 24 VDC nom. (16 to 36 V)
Power consumption: up to 35 W (with PCI Express® Mini Card)
MechanicalDimensions: approx. 250 mm x 220 mm x 44.1 mm
Front protected according to IP20
SoftwareWindows® 7
Windows® Embedded Standard 7
TemperatureDepends on system configuration (CPU, PCIeMiniCards, Ethernet, USB, ...)
Temperature range (operation):
• 0 to 60°C
• Fanless operation
Temperature range (operation): -40 to +85°C
Humidity(operation): max. 95% non-condensing
(storage): max. 95% non-condensing
WeightWeight: 1.8 kg
Vibration(function): 1 m/s², 5 Hz - 150 Hz
(lifetime): 7.9 m/s², 5 Hz - 150 Hz
Shock50 m/s², 30 ms
MTBF262,000 h @ 40°C according to IEC/TR 62380 (RDF 2000)
• UL 94V-0
EMCConforming to EN 55022 (radio disturbance), IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) and IEC 61000-4-4 (burst)
Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

BoardStandard Models:
Industrial box computer with real-time Ethernet slave, dual graphics connection, 24 VDC PSU, AMD Dual Core T48N, 1.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, SD card slot, mSATA slot, 2x DisplayPort®, 2x Gb Ethernet RJ45, 2x real-time Ethernet slave RJ45, 2x USB, 1x SAAdapter slot (UART, GPIO), 0..+60°C screened

Industrial box computer with real time Ethernet master, dual graphics connection, 24 VDC PSU, AMD Dual Core T48N, 1.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, SD card slot, mSATA slot, 2x DisplayPort®, 2x Gb Ethernet RJ45, 2x real-time Ethernet master RJ45, 2x USB, 1x SAAdapter slot (UART, GPIO), 0..+60°C screened
CustomisationNeed storage and/or I/O cards added? Need an operating system or your own software image loaded? We can help with that. We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers who can quickly accomplish this. Please contact us for further details.

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