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Contec COM-1(USB)H - One Port USB to Serial Product

External USB Product - One RS-232 Compatible Serial Port with Standard DB9 Connector


Contec's COM-1(USB)H is a USB 2.0 converter for performing RS-232C serial communications with external devices. Each converter has one channel RS-232C serial port. You can use the standard COM driver software (COM Setup Disk) supplied with the converter to access the serial ports as standard Windows COM ports.


  • Conforming to the USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standards
  • Uses the same easy-to-use D-SUB 9 pin connectors as a PC. The converter has a D-SUB 9 pin connector (female), allowing you to directly connect it to a device such as a modem. You can also connect it to a cable having a D-SUB 9 pin connector (female) through the bundled gender changer. (* The gender changer is attached before shipment.)
  • Maximum communication speed = 921,600bps. This converter is equipped with separate 128-byte and 384-byte buffers for transmit and receive. 
  • Driver software is supplied to allow the serial ports to be used as standard Windows COM ports.(They can be set to arbitrary COM port numbers.) A maximum of 127 terminals can be installed as configured in the range COM1 to COM256.



Interface1 RS-232 serial port
Data: 7, 8 bit / 1, 2 stop bit
Controller: FTDI FT232BL
Data Rates300 - 921,600bps
Connector(s)USB side : USB A connector
RS-232C side : 9 pin D-SUB connector (female)


ExpansionUSB Specification 1.1/2.0 standard
Electrical5VDC 50mA (Max), bus powered
Mechanical78.3(W) x 20.5(D) x 36.5(H) mm
91.0(W) x 20.5(D) x 36.5(H) mm (When connecting gender changer)
Cable length: 1.8m
SoftwareWindows (all versions from XP onwards), Linux
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 to +50°C
Humidity10 - 90%RH(No condensation)
140g (When connecting gender changer)
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

COM-1(USB)H RS-232C 1ch Micro Converter for USB2.0
AccessoriesCN5-D9F 9pin D-SUB (Female) Connector Five-piece Set
CN5-D9M 9pin D-SUB (Male) Connector Five-piece Set
RSC-25F/9F Cross Cable for Connector Conversion, RS-232C(25F -> 9F, 1.8m)
RSC-9F Cross Cable, RS-232C D-SUB9P(1.8m)
RSS-25M/9F Straight cable for Connector Conversion, RS-232C(25M -> 9F, 1.8m)
SS-9M/F Straight Cable, RS-232C D-SUB9P(1.8m)