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Aitech E117 - Full-ATR Short VME Enclosure

11 Slot VME64 Compliant Rugged Computer Enclosure, Specially Designed for Space Applications


The Aitech E117 is a cold plate cooled 11-slot VME64 compliant rugged computer enclosure, specially designed for space applications. Up to two drop-in power supplies can be installed to provide redundancy in highly critical operations. The power supplies operate in a load-sharing configuration to minimize stress and increase longevity. In case of power supply failure, the remaining power supply takes up the loadensuring uninterrupted operation.

The E117 features an extended height toaccommodate fiber optic cables.

Sturdy Mechanical Design

The design of the E117 has been optimized to provide maximum strength with minimum weight. Constructed of durable CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum, the chassis is assembled using stainless steel fasteners to prevent corrosion. Often-used threads have self-locking stainless steel helicoils to withstand severe vibration and shock. All connectors are located on the front panel of the enclosure for easy access. All external surfaces, with the exception of the cold plate interface, are hard anodized coated for excellent corrosion resistance. The cold platemating surface is precision machined to ensure
excellent heat transfer to the cold plate, and it is configurable to meet any customer-mounting requirements.

Board Capacity

The E117 accommodates 11 standard VME/VME64 boards with 0.8 inch pitch, including:

  • IEEE 1101.2 conduction-cooled VME cards
  • Commercial VME boards without front panels

VME Backplane

The backplane is VME64 compliant with an 1-row J1 and J2 connectors in all slots. VME64x compliance with P0 connectors in some or all slots is optionally available. For ease and flexibility of harnessing, up to 640 I/O signals are routed from the VME J2 connectors to four 160-pin staging area.


Enclosure Specifications

GeneralRugged Chassis Specially Designed for High Reliability Space Applications
Two 28 V/300 W Power Supplies for Redundant Operation
Radiation Tolerant and Latch-up Immune
11 Slot VME64 Compliant Backplane
Cold Plate Conduction Cooling
Faraday Cage with Waveguide Design for Enhanced EMI/RFI Performance
Complete EMI/RFI Power Line Filtering
Extended Height to Accommodate Fiber Optic Cables
Four 160-Pin I/O Connectors in the Staging Area
High Reliability for Critical Operations
Customized Front Panel Connectors
Front Panel LED Indicators
CapacityThe E117 accommodates 11 standard VME/VME64 boards
PSUInput Power: Voltage Range (DC) 22 V to 36 V (28 V nominal)
Transient Suppression: Input and output over-voltage transient suppression of up to 1.5 KW
Isolation Resistance: 500 V to output or enclosure
Output Power
• +5V 50A, 0.5% line/load regulation, 50mV ripple noise
• +12V 2A, 0.5% line/load regulation, 50mV ripple noise
• -12V 2A, 0.5% line/load regulation, 50mV ripple noise
CoolingThe E117 is conduction cooled through the specially designed sidewalls. Heat is channeled from the power supplies and VME boards to the cold plate. The location and size of the sidewall fins are determined based on finite element computer modeling of the chassis, resulting in a highly efficient thermal design. The chassis can dissipate 150 W of heat to a 70°C cold plate with 15°C delta T to card rails.


ExpansionVME64 compliant
ElectricalSee above for PSU specification

Power Dissipation Capability
Dissipation capacity is 300 W with VME boards installed, and a cold plate temperature of 70°C (maximum delta T of 15°C at card edge).
MechanicalMaximum external dimensions including I/O connectors and handles:
11.7 x 15.8 x 12.13 in (W x D x H)
TemperatureOperating Cold Plate Temp: -55 to +70°C
Non-operating Temp: -55 to +125°C
Humidity0%-95% non- condensing
WeightLess than 40 lbs with two power supplies and without VME boards.
Vibration16 G rms at 20-2000Hz
Shock40 g terminal sawtooth/11 ms or half SINE
MTBFSF > 320,000 hours @ 49°C
ML > 5,300 hours @ 49°C
Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

BoardRefer to datasheet for ordering part number scheme